Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mary Worth 1924

She can't see Ian Cameron in his Buick Skylark coming at her in the parking lot, but by gum she can enter Sean Hasting's phone number into her iPhone 3G.

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness, with those Coke-bottle glasses, Sean won't be a danger on the road.

KitKat said...

Hey Hanna, it's easier to enter data into your phone if you turn it on.

Hanna is so desperate to find a chauffeur, she throws caution to the winds. Little does she know that Sean Hastings is the infamous "Bluebeard of Santa Royale," who has bumped off a string of wives, with Brenda as the most recent victim.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hanna should just take off her 3X reading glasses when she drives.