Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mary Worth 1949

Jeff has been so busy fund raising that Mary has been left with nothing to do but observe the flirtatious interactions of two awkward octogenarians. It isn't as disgusting as the food, though. It looks like everyone has wisely chosen to forgo using their dental tools, preferring to eat with their hands.

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KitKat said...

I'm thinking that Jeff uses the term "fundraising" as a euphemism for "squiring attractive young women around town while Mary meddles her head off."

Hannah's "At last" means "At last I can get into Somerset, take the shuttle to get my items, and not have Amy dropping off Gordon any time she wants. Of course I'll be stuck with Sean, but only until he has an 'accident' on the balcony. That'll be after he signs our new will."

Nance said...

In Panel One, Sean looks like he's found something floating in his glass.

What a pathetic "storyline" this whole sad mess has been. Once again, KM has fallen back on her tired belief that all any woman needs--for anything--is marriage.

Unless you're Mary Worth. Then you just spy on and meddle in other people's lives.

I hope Hanna's flute-playing doesn't undo all her Hard Work up til now.

I Am Not A Robot said...

Good analysis, @KitKat!

I also wonder if Sean is thinking things are moving a little fast ("so soon") while Hanna ("at last") is already picking out her wedding dress in her mind. This might be their "first argument!"

But wait... that can't be. The Worthiverse is stereotype-land so more likely, Sean is thinking that he's so lucky to have found someone to make HIS tuna sandwiches so soon after his beloved but quite unhelpful Brenda has passed.

birdie said...

I'm not sure what /Sean tried to do to Hanna, but his right forearm now seems to be in a cast.

Despite Mary's assumptions about her being just a pathetic old woman, Hanna can take care of herself.