Monday, December 15, 2014

Mary Worth 1950

Perhaps I've been misreading Hanna. Perhaps she doesn't want to be left alone on the sofa with Sean nervously waiting for apple cake. Unfortunately, I think Hanna is just looking for some alone time with Mary to fill her in on all of her inner feelings. I can't wait.

Today's Full Strip

UPDATE! Citizen Alert!

I'm starting to put together the Worthy Award nominations, and discovered this little gem:

You'll remember that fateful day on July 13 when we first met Dr. Kapuht, who was secretly stealing heroine for recreational purposes from the unsecured cabinet at the hospital:

Remember how we laughed at his mustache that disappeared the next day, and have since referred to him as the doctor with the disappearing mustache? Well, as I was scrolling the King Features Syndicate site, I noted that they have revised that July 13 panel:


birdie said...

It makes the doctor even scarier to know that he can change the past. How Orwellian!

Toots McGee said...

What is creepier, a disappearing moustache or a flesh colored moustache?

KitKat said...

If Mary referring to Hanna and Sean as "you guys" is her attempt to sound youthful, it's not working.

This dull as dishwater story line is making me nostalgic for last year with Broadway Legend Ken Kensington. Ah, remember the scarf he bought for Mary, right on the street? Recall the creepy bell-ringing Santa?

Wanders, if the Worthy Awards had a category for character we didn't see enough of, Dr. Kapuht would be quite a contender.

Tony said...

"Mary, help me. This relationship with Sean is moving entirely too fast. How will I have time for Amy and Gordon?"

Delilah said...

Sean must have amazing control of his stomach muscles to recline like that without touching the back of the sofa. Maybe he's trying to impress Hanna?

Shmoopie said...

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes are VERY filling. And don’t get me started on avocados! Delicious, chock-a-block full of heart-healthy fats and, yes, filling as well. What elderly person can handle such a substantial meal and then follow it up with apple cake? Unless what they’re guzzling in the interim is some super secret digestive Mary invented in her precious spare time.

Fauxprof, what is Local Ohio Hospital serving today?

fauxprof said...

@Shmoopie, a not entirely edible turkey wrap. But meatloaf was on offer.

I'm supposedly going to rehab today, and while it's one of. The best facilities in Akron, they have little or no WiFi. So, I may be out of touch for a while. Keep that snark going, Worthiverse family. I love you all, and Merry Christmas!

Nance said...

@KitKat--I, too, cringed at the jarringly out of character "you guys" in Panel One.

Can't wait for Sean's pithy comment regarding the apple cake: "Dessert is the space between the cake and the apples."

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary is saying, "Oh ... Okay, Hanna, thanks!" but she's really thinking, "Oh, drat! I wanted to watch them interact on the couch while I was hiding away in the kitchen cutting slices of my infamously indigestible apple cake!"

(She didn't use to be called "Apple Mary" for nothing!)