Friday, December 19, 2014

Mary Worth 1954

First of all, Hanna doesn't have any other friends.

Second of all, the number one Condo Matter on Mary's agenda is to evict Hanna without her knowing she was actually evicted. The fact that lonely and desperate Sean Hastings has unwittingly inserted himself into this diabolical scheme only makes life easier for everyone at Charterstone.

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I Am Not A Robot said...

I think I now see why Sean is so "smitten" with Hanna. He is Somerset's "Director of New Inmate Acquisitions". It's his job to get out there and do whatever it takes to lure people over to Somerset. He probably even works on commission.

And Mary... what an arrogant old troll you are. 'Yes Sean, I am just TOO GOOD and TOO IMPORTANT to lower myself to relocate to Somerset. Indeed, the very idea!'.

Nance said...

First of all, Mary's makeup is very Heroin Chic in this panel.

Second of all, Sean's Agenda is revealed: He is a "playa" and merely wants all kinds of Eligible Women around. Hanna's expression of realization and irritation shows that she's now fully aware of his True Character, and I cannot wait for tomorrow.

(Third of all, I wish #2--any of it--were true.)

Anonymous said...

OMIGOSH...the elephant in the room has been unleashed. Mary, the nosy old bat, can tell everyone else how to live and where to live, but don't anyone tell her. HAHAHAHHA I'm loving today's strip. Is that the green eyed monster I see on Hanna's face in 2nd panel???

KitKat said...

Has anyone eaten "apple cake" in a more awkward manner? Sean appears to be flicking particles toward Hanna's face.

A normal person would say, "I'm satisfied living here," but Mary is compelled to say, "at CHARTERSTONE." Just in case Hanna (also a resident, for Pete's sake) and Sean have forgotten where they are, and have forgotten who Mary IS ("Me at Somerset? Are you joking?!").

@fauxprof, I see what you mean about the iPad automatically capitalizing "Apple" (it just did it - argh!).

fauxprof said...

Oh, Mary is far too integral o the workings of Charterstone to be spared. Besides, she, unlike the wizened purblind and useless Hanna Dingdon, mary can still drive. And in the Worthiverse, non-drivers are subhuman drags on vital people.

(Speaking as a no driver--visual issues--I find myself sayin, with an evil grin, "Break a leg Mrs. Worth.)81

Anonymous said...

I like the concrete plate Mary has on display on her bookshelf (which is also full of concrete books).

Mary Worth said...

Well, I'm Mary Worth and I am superior to you mere mortals. I'M the one asking the meddling questions here! STEP DOWN HASTINGS!

KitKat said...

Tomorrow, a cheerleading smack down between Mary and Sean. Mary will wear a short red pleated skirt and white turtleneck sweater emblazoned with a C. Sean will wear a sweater vest with a big S, corduroys, saddle shoes, and a bow tie. Both Mary and Sean will carry megaphones.

Sandi Ego said...

This story has dragged on for three months. Isn't it time to wrap it up with a Christmas marriage proposal? New Year's Eve at the latest.

meg said...

Sunday's strip: Are Sean and Hanna sneaking out of the concert early or are they just sitting in the cheap, non.- stage-facing seats?

meg said...

I understand that in the musical CATS, grotesquely costumed performers caper about the theater and sit in the laps of audience members.

From looking at the front row in the last panel, it seems the DEBUSSY has a similar feature.

(I would never see CATS for that reason, and now I must also avoid DEBUSSY.)

KitKat said...

It sounds like Mary and Toby are discussing a lab experiment. This is creepy.

Anyone out there have an idea of what Debussy composed for flute and piano? Anything?