Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mary Worth 1955

Anais Nin makes an appearance in Mary Worth. And no matter how much Debussy I listen to today, it just isn't helping.

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Downpuppy said...

Clod Debussey? Wut the hail?

Peggy Olson said...

I looked up Anais Nin quotes and found this:
"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."

Reading today's stilted dialogue, it's now clear why Moy quoted Nin!

Shmoopie said...

So can we assume that since Mary has now "observed" Hanna and Sean together (she approves) and made her report to Toby (why in the world does this woman need to know everything? What is this friendship based on other than pure, unrestrained gossip?), we can all move on?

Nance said...

That didn't bother me as much as Mary's lousy grammar. I'm still annoyed at her dinner having gone "very good."

Delilah said...

"Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together"...? Gosh, that sounds painful! And it would at least involve a trip to the emergency room.

Delilah said...
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meg said...

What Mary said: Toby! it's good to hear your voice!
What Mary thinks: (It's good to hear your voice when you're not drunk.)

What Toby said: How did your dinner go with Hanna and Sean?
What Toby thinks: (The dinner you failed to invite your best friends to. And Dr. Jeff, too.)

Mary: They had an easy rapport together.
(Hanna was all over him- like white on rice.)

Toby: Did you get to see them interact?
(Ewwww- I really don't want to know.)

Mary: Yes they were very simpatico, chatting easily.
( And boring- it was just one platitude or aphorism after another.)

Toby: Did they enjoy their outing to the concert?
( Snorrrrreee...)

Mary: Yes, they really enjoyed seeing the Debussy, and they planned to go to the Bum Boat afterward.
(Unfortunately Sean couldn't find his way there, so he just drove back to Somerset.)

Toby: Oh, did they have nice meal?
( Come on, girl, she'll ask you over for a drinkie soon, just keep pretending to be interested.)

Mary: Ummm, yes they had the tuna.
( Why is Toby asking, she must be hinting that it's drink o'clock.)

Toby: Would you ever think of moving to Somerset yourself?
(Fat chance. She'll go out of here feet first. )

Mary: Oh, heavens no. I'm much younger than Hanna, and besides I still drive.
(Hanna's mother was a Civil War camp follower.)

Toby: I see what you mean.
(Fer gosh sakes, Mary, you're older than water, and your FATHER was a Civil War camp follower.)

Mary: Sean was actually encouraging me to move there, but I have responsibilities managing various condo matters.
(Such as telling all the Charterstone ninnies how to live their lives.)

Toby: So Sean thought you might actually move to Somerset! Haha!
(Just as I figured, that old coot is trying to establish a stable of -ahem-needy widows. He sees himself as a playa.)

Mary: So there's a happy ending for Hanna.
( And she's not even going to tell that daughter of hers - and that little troll Gordy- that she's moving. That's one of the Charterstone duties I'll have the pleasure of fulfilling. I'll say in my most sympathetic voice, oh, so sorry Amy, dear, one day she was here and the next day she was gone- no, she didn't say where. Mwahahaha!)

Toby: Well, Ian will be thrilled she's gone.
(And he's reported Mary's driving to the DMV, so she and her puce Oldsmobuick will be out of here, soon.)

Mary: Would you like to come over for some refreshments, Toby dear?
( Haha, it's lemonade and kelk cookies.)

Toby: Love to, Mary. I'll be right over.
(Haha, I'll just fill Ian's flask with vodka.)

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Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I've been catching up on the last few days of strips, and I just LOVE that Sean Hastings dared to ask Mary Worth whether she would ever leave Charterstone. Frankly, I'm amazed that Sean lived to go to the Debussy concert! (The passive-aggressive wrath of Mary is sure to come!)

Tony said...

Too bad Sean and Hanna couldn't afford seats that actually face the stage.

Inquiring Charterstoner said...

Serious Question: Did the comments under the "Comics Kingdom" page get so out of hand that they are no longer available? They have been missing for almost a week now.

Yahoonski said...

Since the "Several days later" narration box doesn't appear until panel 3, are we to assume Mary and Toby have unlimited caller minutes?

Kudos, Meg!

Re Comics Kingdom: I HAVE been able to see MW comments for the last few days.

KitKat said...

Making a cameo appearance behind Sean's shoulder (from the Great Ranch in the Sky) is Roy Rogers.

I haven't been able to see the comments on Comics Kingdom for several days, either.

fauxprof said...

Re Mary "observing the interaction" between Hanna and Sean: does she imagine herself to be Jane Goodall at the Olduvai gorge? Sheesh, all her "friends" are just one large anthropological experiment.

meg, another laugh-feast. And I haven't seen the Comics Kingdom comments for a couple of days either.

meg said... stopped publishing the comments because all the Ohio bluenoses complained about the naughty bits. Seattlepi is still showing them because those readers are not so puritanical.

(Glad you and your leg are capable of laughing, fauxprof.)

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

I often invite people to dinner so I may watch them interact and pass judgment on their relationship. Doesn't everybody?

Maxwell Bacon said...

It won't be long now before Sean says, "I'm really glad that we did this, Hanna. Let's go back to Somerset and 'interact'!"

Anonymous said...

Karen Moy - I really, really want to know how much you get paid to come up with today's work: "Brilliant" "Wonderful" "I'm glad we did this" "So am I"....
Uncle Joe - if you're not getting at least a million times more money than Moy for each of these strips - your drawings have to take you at least an hour - then, I don't know, Uncle Joe. I guess you don't need the money.