Friday, January 9, 2015

Mary Worth 1967

Hanna seems almost sinister as she shoves Amy out the door. If, indeed, that is Amy. Her eyes are suddenly brown. Perhaps it is some sort of replicant in a carefully crafted latex face that is going to head over to Sean's apartment and eat him while Amy disposes of Gordon's body in the back dumpster. This story is getting totally out of hand.

And a gentle reminder that today is the last day to vote for the Worthy Awards. Now finish eating your Sean.

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fauxprof said...

Someone needs to open Gordy's back compartment and check his batteries. They seem to have run down. Unfortunately, he now takes C-cells, and all Hanna has are triple-As.

Downpuppy said...

Milo O'Shea, as I live and breathe! And no, that LiveDoll he's pushing is not carefully crafted.

KitKat said...

The panels are totally out of whack today. In the first, Hanna and Amy are several feet in front of the oblivious Gordy. In the second panel, Gordy's feet are practically touching the TV stand. Even Mr. Giella is so bored he's phoning it in.

Speaking of the second panel, who is pictured in the photo? The late Mr. Dingdon and Amy's Brother as a child, or Amy's ex, Vince, with Gordy?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Ha! Amy Dingdon strikes again! She only wanted to have a coffee and a chat with good old Mom so that she could dump her precious tyke with Grandma for a few hours! "See ya later, suckers!" thinks Amy on her way out.

In the last panel, Hanna says, "Don't be silly, Amy! I'm a grown woman! I know what I'm doing with Sean!" I will not describe the mental image that that comment generates, as it would definitely not be family friendly.

Dartpaw86 said...

Or finish drinking your Sean as he lives in her cup.

KitKat said...

Since Karen Moy quoted Barry Goldwater today, will she give equal time to LBJ next Sunday?

Looks like after yesterday's scene at the door, Amy and Hanna rushed back in to change their clothes.

If Amy thinks her mother is so decrepit and confused, why does she trust her with Gordy? He might wander out of the apartment and fall into the pool or something.

fauxprof said...

Don't worry, KitKat. I'm pretty sure Gordy is a hollow plastic construct, and would float for quite some time. Amy has him programmed with certain stock phrases, and also to parrot her words occasionally.

Maxwell Bacon said...

I love the last panel of Sunday's strip! Hanna says, "Talk to the hand, Amy!"

Nance said...


KM has bypassed not only several weeks now, but also several opportunities for real plots/storylines with actual conflict and interest.

All, I'm sure, to merely accelerate yet another Wedding As Resolution for any female character who has any problem.

What really happened in this "storyline"? Some old lady has a few near misses with her car and then meets a man; they become enamored with each other. She didn't even hit the old guy's car!