Monday, March 9, 2015

Mary Worth 2006

Oh, Jeff, you aren't even listening. But it sounds nice, and dinner will be over in less than an hour, and you can get back to your fund raising. Hang in there, buddy.

Did the Bum Boat open a second location? Because this is a completely different ambiance. The paneled walls have always been floor to ceiling, and the stuffed fish have never been mounted on a plaque. And what's with the giant picture of the fork and whatever is next to it? I hope that next time Mary needs to catch Jeff up on her greatness, that they'll choose the original Bum Boat. I much prefer it.

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meg said...

Why is Mary having lunch with Senator Lindsey Graham? Strange and wondrous, indeed.

fauxprof said...

Ah, Mary's inevitable victory lap. I hope Jeff is a sufficient audience for her self-congratulations, or we may have to go through it all with Toby, as well.

hia5 said...

Pray tell, why are Ms Worth's hand and arm right in the middle of her plate? Also, when Dr Jeff moves his chair back can he possibly avoid knocking over the lovely pink plant and its vase?

tkraft said...

The artwork to the right of the fork and spoon is a graphic tribute to Mary's meddling in the stock market over the last Bull run on the market. All the time Hanna and Sean are on featured in strips, Mary is at home furiously day trading on her Commodore 64.

I Am Not a Robot said...

Is it possible?!? Could it really be?!? Have we seen the last of Hanna/Sean/Amy/Gordy? Probably but frankly, I'd rather have had another couple days of THAT than this self-congratulatory drivel...

KitKat said...

Poor Jeff. In an effort to put himself out of his misery, he tried to aim for his heart but got his chin instead.

birdie said...

This isn't the regular dining hall at the Bum Boat. Hannah and Sean gave them coupons for a free meal there, but are secretly in cahoots with the owner, who has put them in this special room where Hannah and Sean can "observe their interactions" through a secret panel.

Of course Jeff isn't listening to Mary. He's got his ear buds in, as any sane person would do when faced with dinner with Mary.

What is she talking about with the gestures and kind words? I never heard her murmur the slightest word of sympathy for Hannah, and her gesture was aimed at getting Hannah out of her way so she wouldn't have to pick up items for her.

Any kind neighbor would have offered to go to the eye doctor with her and been reassuring about her chances for improved vision and an improved life.

Does Moy really believe this drivel?

Nance said...

@I Am Not A Robot--Bite your tongue.

If the Bum Boat was able to open a new location solely on business from Mary and Dr. Jeff, Bum Boat.2 wouldn't look this nice.

Again, KM's awkward and doofy dialogue sounds like it's from a non-native speaker or from a cut-rate online translator.

Absolutely the punny use of "anchored" at a nautical-themed restaurant was completely unintentional. KM's not that quick.

Anonymous said...

Life may be strange and wondrous but this strip is bland and predictable.
And I read it every day.

Laura Canon said...

I think the picture of the utensils is there to remind the unsophisticated crowd the new Bum Boat location is attracting. "This is a fork and this is a knife. Don't even think of eating with your fingers, or God forbid, your feet."

fauxprof said...


From the new hit Broadway musical, "Meddler On The Roof"

Mary the Matchmaker
Find me a man
I don't want to work
So do what you can
I want a meal ticket
And that's understood
As any true woman should.

For starters, see that he's wealthy
And has a nice place to live
I don't much care if he's healthy
As long as he has lots of bling to give!

Mary the Matchmaker
You know that I'm
Desperate here
So don't waste my time
Bring me a man
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(Starring Ken Kensington, in drag.)