Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mary Worth 2007

Okay, Jeff. You still aren't making any sense, but I don't blame you for getting distracted when you notice Mary has six fingers on her right hand.

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Nance said...

...and we thought Sean and Hanna were boring.

fauxprof said...

From the new Broadway hit musical, "Meddler On The Roof"

Mary the Matchmaker
Find me a man
I don't want to work
So do what you can
I want a meal ticket
And it's understood
That any true woman should.

For starters, see that he's wealthy
And has a nice place to live
I don't much care if he's healthy
As long as he has lots of bling to give!

Mary the Matchmaker
You know that I'm
Desperate here
So don't waste my time
Find me a man to support me for life
And I'll be a happy wife!

(Starring Ken Kensington, in drag.)

KitKat said...

Yes, Mary and Jeff "met cute" on her first day. She ran over his feet with a book truck (loaded with grey concrete books, natch), and she screamed, "Watch out, you old coot!" The rest is history, like Bogey and Bacall.

I wonder which staff members did NOT know that Jeff was the former chief of staff. Did they keep asking each other "Who's that old guy, and why is hanging around the hospital?"

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

C'mon Mary, it's not really your fault, but how could you not know me? After all, I was a former chief of staff.

Shmoopie said...

Brava, Fauxprof! This musical will be a smash hit with the Somerset crowd!

I think we're about due for another marriage rejection, no? Come on, Jeff, ask her already. We all know you want to!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Oh, SNAP! Dr. Jeff disses Mary! That'll teach her to be so smug and withholding of her affections! Dr. Jeff can play hard to get, too.

In other news, will we be seeing Toby Cameron again soon? Any chance of a pool party (with salmon squares and chicken salad appetizers, of course!) anytime soon?

Limber Joe said...

Jeff and Gordy are looking more alike these days...

KitKat said...

@Limber Joe at 2:42 PM, you may be onto something. Maybe Jeff told Amy that his name was Vince....

Anonymous said...

"You couldn't be faulted?" What is that supposed to imply? That had it been her second day on the job, she 'could' have been faulted? Which would have resulted in what form of punishment, Dr. Jeff?

Gina said...

First of all, your picture of the six-fingered man made me SNORK out loud, Wanders. Well played.

Second of all, Dr. Jeff is giving Hanna a run for her money in the passive-aggressive department. "You couldn't be faulted, even though ALMOST EVERYONE ON STAFF KNEW ME!" Yipe!

hia5 said...

Help! I wasn't reading MW when MW and Dr Jeff first met. How old is the doctor supposed to be? Not knowing these details, MW appears to me a cradle-robbing champion cougar. She literally looks old enough to be Dr Jeff's mother.

Anonymous said...

I see a rejection on the horizon, or is it just another boring bad moon?