Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mary Worth 2008

Dr. Jeff Cory, M.D., former Chief of Staff slash Big Wig, apparently felt entitled to enter the hospital without following established protocol. Protocols he no doubt enforced as Chief of Staff! Such callous disregard for the health and safety of the patients at Mountview Hospital was so typical under Cory's lax rule. It's a good thing a zealot like Mary Worth showed up and brought standards up to current board of health guidelines. "Now how's about a little kiss, candy striper?"

And can I just mention how relieved I am to see lush carpet at the Bum Boat. So many upscale dining restaurants have gone hardwood, or ceramic tile, and they get so loud you can't have a decent conversation. And this is definitely a decent conversation.

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Yahoonski said...

Usually, as a meal progresses, there is less and less food on your plate.

Chester the Dog said...

Jeff looks about 15.

Nance said...

Holy crap. We have to endure this "conversation" until at least Monday.

What are they even talking about?

They remind me of Bush 41 and Barbara: Mary looks so much older than Jeff all the time. Obviously, they have so much in common, though; they've both ordered the kelk cutlets with peas.

KitKat said...

Not only is there more food on their plates (if the green objects are indeed food), the candle is now lighted.

How un-bigwig-like were Jeff's clothes that fateful day? Paint-spattered sweatshirt, frayed jeans, and a cap emblazoned "I'm here for my senior coffee"? And zealous Mary with an Uzi at the desk, shouting "Halt!" (It goes without saying that a new volunteer would be assigned to the security detail. That was Mountainview Hospital in Santa Royale, after all.)

Maxwell Bacon said...

Pool party! Pool party! Pool party!

Loved the invisible comment, Wanders! "My minion" is a perfect description!

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Translation from passive aggressive speak to real speak:

"You tried to stop me. How was I to know you were a FORMER bigwig, you pompous arse."

"HA! What else was I supposed to do with an over zealous common volunteer with an aggressive attitude?"