Monday, April 13, 2015

Mary Worth 2033

I really don't know why I'm convinced Adam is a Super Villain. There certainly doesn't seem to be anything creepy or nefarious about him. I mean, it's totally normal for an inky black shadow to climb out of a man's bright white shirt and engulf his face in total darkness.

Today's strip


I Am Not a Robot said...

That inky black shadow might just be that 'someone' just didn't feel like wasting his time sketching the rest of the panel. Or maybe, he fell asleep from boredom thanks to the lack of storyline he's supposed to illustrate and slopped black ink all over Adam in the process.

Peggy Olson said...

Please explain all of this to me. Why did Adam disappear when he became Senator McDuh's guard? He didn't go undercover and join the CIA. He definitely didn't become James Bond. (With that orange suit, they'd never let him near Monte Carlo.)

And if Terry's such a good investigator, why didn't she investigate where he was -- or just look up his phone number?

What am I missing here (except a believable plot)?

Anonymous said...

Is that the same orange suit he was wearing 8 years ago?

fauxprof said...

If Congressman McDuh(thanks, Peggy Olson!) made so much noise and so many enemies that he was assigned secret service protection, surely an asassination attempt would have been a major news story. Terry must have been aware of that much, and able to put two and two together.

meg said...

Radio Free Santa Royale, broadcasting from the Santa Royale Holiday Inn

Congressman Doogie McDugel arrives in Santa Royale later today in the latest of his Take Over, er Back, America campaign, thought to be a precursor to a run for the US dictatorship, er Presidency. Congressman McDugel, continuing his campaign for the greater good of McDugel, er the country, is scheduled to rave, er speak, at the Santa Royale Holiday Inn Ballroom. More details later.

We're here at the Santa Royale Holiday Inn awaiting the arrival of lunatic, er Congressman, McDugel. It's a colorful scene, as another meeting, that of the Robert the Bruce Appreciation Society, is just breaking up. It seems to be an all male society, but all the males are wearing plaid skirts, er tartan kilts. Also, all the males are stinking, er roaring, drunk. It's noisy, but good-natured.

And here's the advance team for McDugel. They are carrying large banners and campaign signs, reading McDugel for the Fatherland, er America, and A Vote for McDugel is a vote for America's rich people, er the American people.

And there's an angry outburst coming from the Bruce attendees! They're storming forward toward the McDugel sycophants, er aides. Now the Bruces are ripping the signs and banners down, throwing them on the floor and spitting, er expectorating, on them.
They're shouting something incomprehensible, let's see if I can translate the words...

"Ye grottie dog ay a Mcdoogaa. We fooght ye in '17, an' we'll barnie ye again, ye mingin weasel."

Unaware of the chaos in the lobby, the PA system announcer is continuing his announcing. "And now, introducing the next President of the United States, Dougie McDoogel, er Doagie McDoggel, er, oh, hell, you know who he is!"
And Congressman McDugel is here, a tall red-faced man with a white chinbeard, and a size 54 big and tall blazer. Just as the Bruce group form a flying wedge of angry Scotsmen, glaring and advancing on the Congressman, a slim man in a baggy orange suit steps in front of McDugel.

"Please let the Congressman speak or I'll have to get all rough with ye, er you."

Since all of the Bruces and Camerons are mature men, (and they are not yet wholly blooter'd), they pause to hear McDugel, figuring they can barnie him later. But the scrum does not disperse.

McDugel: " Camerons and Sons of the Bruce: I am one of you. Before I was adopted by the McDugels, I was a son of John Cameron and Joan Swayze. I was orphaned at an early age by a tragic double accident at the Highland Games. My father, tossing the caber, accidentally struck and killed my mother. My mother's brother, tossing the caber, accidentally struck and killed my father.
I now stand before you, proudly declaring a run for the Presidency, and I will run under my own name: John Cameron-Swayze !"

The Camerons and Sons of the Bruce: "Hip hip hurra!"

I can't believe my eyes! The Cameron men are carrying the Congressman on their shoulders, all around the lobby. The Bruce Men Bagpipe Sextet is playing a spirited version of Hail to the Chief.

Signing off from the Holiday Inn, this is your reporter, Blolf Witzer, er Wolf Blitzer.

KitKat said...

@meg at 10:53 a.m., another brilliant contribution! So that's how Congressman Doogie McDugel's "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking" campaign slogan originated!

This nonsensical "plot" must have taken down the Comics Kingdom Mary Worth page. The site shows "Page not found."

meg said...

Thanks, KitKat, that campaign is going to take him all the way to the Plaid House.

Not Worthy said...

Eight year. EIGHT YEARS. Sorry - but that's waaay too long to go without contacting a person you truly love.

Didn't EITHER of them date / find anyone else?

It's one thing to travel across the country to talk to an ex-girlfriend. To MOVE INTO THE SAME COMPLEX without contacting them first is creepy and pathetic.

Mary Worth's contribution should be advising Terry on getting a restraining order.