Friday, May 8, 2015

Mary Worth 2052

Asking the age-old question, "Can a girl and her stalker just be friends?"

Today's strip


KitKat said...

I think Adam's cane should have some dialogue. For one thing, it could tell Terry the real story of what happened to Adam between him taking a bullet for that congressman and his unexpected appearance at Charterstone.

Nance said...


Terry: Okay, already. But right now we're just friends and no hanky-panky until I figure out what I want.

Adam: Oh, I know what you want. But sure, whatever.

Pirk said...

Karen Moy seems reasonably self aware in her blog and such. That plus her use of alt rock quotes. I always think 'surely there's some irony or tension or nuance to this story'.

Surely Adam is being too desperate and childish for Terry to stand.

I think that's the compelling thing about Mary Worth, that sliver of possibility in each story that it will go the way of Aldo. I mean, the framework is always there, in every story, for it to go really bad.

Melissa said...

(1) That park bench is wayyy to close to that cliff.

Adam: "I'll do whatever it takes to win you over."
Terry: "Hmm... I love a man who volunteers! I know of a great opportunity in Vietnam."

heydave said...

Let's not go to the Bum Boat, let's you go to Vietnam!