Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mary Worth 2135

"Dear Ian,

"We are so done. I meant it when I called you a boorish pig. Did I say pig? I don't remember, but I should have. Anyway, I'm not coming back. There's a box of Splak on the counter. You won't starve if that's what you're worried about.

"Love, Toby.

"P.S. There's a vase under the sink for your pathetic bouquet."

I wanted to thank Santa Royale citizen "Daffodil" for pointing out some strips from Jeff and Mary's first date in 1996. It didn't go well. He took her to the Bum Boat and, well, meh. But given our fascination with Ian's AstroTurf sports coat, I thought you might enjoy his cotton ball sweater.

Today's full strip


Petunia said...

Well now I'm more interested in the strip from the 1990s than in this current story. Glad to see Ian was just as pompous back then, and just as horrified. Wanders, can you please find out why Ian was so horrified by Mary's date? It was in 1996, so the "don't park in the lot reserved for residents or a chinbeard in an abominable snowman sweater will accost you in a pompous boor manner" storyline probably ended around 2003. Thanks!

Mantelli said...

Where can I buy some Splak? It looks like a suitably penitential meal for mornings when I hate myself.

Anonymous said...

In the 90's, Ian = Yeti.

KitKat said...

Ian Cameron, parking lot vigilante. He hasn't learned anything in the ensuing 19 years, has he? On the bright side, albeit only for him, he hasn't aged much. I'd also like to know what horrified him so when he looked at Mary.

Returning to today's strip, the paper on which Toby's letter was written shrunk between panels. Maybe that's the effect of Ian's massive hand.

I'd love to know where Toby ran off to. Is she driving aimlessly around the Charterstone parking lot? Hunkered down at the bar of the Lemon Wedge, nursing a scotch and muttering?

meg said...

Shocker! Vintage Ian has a drink in his hand!

On a happier note, Ian has very nearly managed to escape from the sheep which swallowed him. (It's a strong sheep 'at can contain a Cameron man).
Hmmm. Does that make Ian a haggis?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

2015: Uh, oh! Toby forgot to pack her Splak! What will she eat for breakfast? Maybe Margo Magee from Apartment 3-G will share half of the roll with butter that she ordered from a passing stranger on the streets of Manhattan?

1996: This strips was AWESOME! I think Ian is so horrified in the last panel because he has caught Mary Worth sleeping with a strange man. Well, Mary was the only one sleeping, and the man was really boring, but still ...

Also, we haven't had a real Charterstone pool party in a while. At the end of this plot (which is finally a really fantastic plot!), the residents can gather to gossip and rip Mr. and Mrs. Cameron to shreds. I can't wait!

fauxprof said...

I love that Joe hasn't given up on Splak. Splak, the nutritious cereal formulated especially for angry families. After you've had a bowl of our walnut shells, activated carbon and quinoa, you'll be ready for a full day of conflict and aggravation. For roughage and rough weather, buy Splak!