Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mary Worth 2136

I'm sure Hilton Berkes will appreciate a nice bouquet.

I know everyone has been waiting three weeks to find out who won our most recent Not-a-Real-Contest contest. Sorry for all the suspense. I was traveling, and it was hard to assemble the Condo Board to evaluate. The winner is Toots McGee for his submission: "Three words: Kites Are Fun!" Of course, Toots McGee knows that Kites are Fun was once the most popular song on the Charterstone Jukebox, and still very loved by the Condo Board. Congratulations, Toot. Send me an email and let me know what song you'd like to add to the Jukebox.

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Yahoonski said...

With apologies to Bobby Darin:

Splick splack, I was ah-taken aback
when I got home on Saturday night.
Boady-yote-dote, I started reading your note,
Still thinkin' posies goin' to make it all right.

Well... next thing I know
I learn I can na be forgiven.
Then you make it clear that
here's where you're no longer livin'.

And... then-a... splick splack
My coat's as hairy as my back.
who will cook for Hilton
now that wee Toby's gone?

Yahoonski said...

I also apologize to the makers of Splak for misspelling the name of their fine product (though by doing so I may well have avoided a lawsuit).

meg said...

Yahoonski- I forgive you, You're the grooviest, man.
Love, Bobby Darin

fauxprof said...

Love it, Yahoonski!

Well, it's Monday (happy Labor Day, friends). After Toby's impassioned "don't try to find me" note, she turns up across the hall at Mary's place. Ian will never, ever think of that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to go sanitize all the doorknobs. It's a big house, so I may be a while.

Peggy Olson said...

Mary's idea of labor is to scrub all the germs from her doorknobs. After all, her guests leave with Kelk and Splat all over their grubby fingers.

On Labor Day, I'm surprised that Mary isn't leaving voicemails for her union friends. Ken Kensington is an Equity representative. Hanna Dingdon and hubby are stirring up their tenant's group. And, of course, Mary's hospital volunteer friends are picketing today for more control of Hospital.

Happy Labor Day, Wanders. We all love your hard work!