Monday, September 7, 2015

Mary Worth 2137

Okay, I'm not really going to say anything. Nothing has to be said. This just filled me with jubilant glee, as I hope it did you. There is so much Mary Worth perfection here, and the frosting on the cake is that Toby is moving in with Mary who lives just down the hall, even though she told Ian not to try to find her. Oh, this will be fun, fun, fun!

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Petunia said...

Wanders, you no doubt have already thought of this, but I think we have a Panel of the Year candidate here.

Anonymous said...

Mary is polishing the doorknob with such intention. I think she is experiencing a moment of zen. Oh, Mary, how we've missed you.

KitKat said...

It's no surprise that Mary's laboring on Labor Day. The fight against grime and germs is unending!

Did Toby come directly to Mary's door after she stormed out of the Cameron apartment? If so, she must have changed clothes in the stairway, broom closet, or hallway because she was wearing a purple ensemble and blue jacket at that time.

LouiseF said...

That spray bottle is a metaphor for the advice Mary is going to give Toby. Maybe she'll even get Toby to help her with the doorknobs.

Vince said...

Well, I was feeling pretty good about the work I had gotten done around the house over the long weekend until Mary came along to remind me I hadn't cleaned the doorknobs. Thanks for bringing me back down to Earth.

My main reason for writing today, though, is to make sure everyone sees Ian's "OH, NO!" panel in yesterday's strip. You could easily miss it because it is one of the throwaway panels at the top of the Sunday presentation. Do whatever you have to do to see that panel.

I heartily agree with Petunia that there is a candidate for panel of the year in today's strip, but I think there was a contender yesterday as well.

Delilah said...

Funny. I was just thinking how important doorknob sanitation was and then I read this strip. Great minds think alike!

Need a Life said...

Ian's plan all along was to get rid of Toby and move in with Hilton Berkes.
North America Syndicates Inc is planning an "Odd Couple" type spinoff with Ian and Hilton.

And Mary and Toby will live together in a "Golden Girls" reboot.

Toby's directive "Don't try to find me" is ludicrous. Ian knows where she works, and she's staying in the same complex. She doesn't even have to move her car. No need for her to pack. She could just go back to the condo while Ian is at school.

Unless / until Ian changes the locks.

Gina said...

I see Dirty Doorknob challenging Chin Napkin for Outstanding Prop of the Year.

Anonymous said...

I once had a supervisor named Mary and she looked just like Mary does in this pic. AND this is totally the kind of thing she would say, only she would say it out loud.