Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mary Worth 2201

Yes, it could happen again. An asteroid could hit the earth at any moment. It is definitely something to lie awake at night and worry about.

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KitKat said...

Mary must have missed the announcement that visitors wearing gray get free admission to the museum today.

TimP said...

The intersection of eschatology and Mary Worth is just as unsettling as I had never previously imagined it would be.

r u ok? said...

Can't wait for Mary and Olive to get to the displays where the first Europeans came to America - Mary will cheerfully explain to Olive how diseases brought over by the Europeans wiped out 90 percent of the Native American population on the East Coast. Mary Worth can be quite grim.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, everyone! Mary is teaching Olive (and us) a lesson!

Mark Carolla said...

But Mary, I've been taught that the earth was created in 7 days. Did a dinosaur eat Jesus?

Toots McGee said...

Wanders, do you wonder as you wander (by the pool)?

fauxprof said...

Even though it's not looking at all like Christmas in the Worthiverse version of New York City, here's a carol for us all.

Sung to the tune of "Silver Bells"

City sidewalks, gritty sidewalks
Full of random grey folk
There's a woman and girl on adventure.
It's so boring, that we're snoring
Though we're in on the joke
And amid all the yawning appears...

Silver hair, savoir faire
It's Mary Worth in the city
It's her thing!
New platitudes every day.

Flower fairies, though they're wary
Still give Olive a wave
At the botanical gardens
And on Broadway, in an odd way
See Ken Kensington rave
In an all-drag revival of "Mame"

Silver hair, savoir faire
It's Mary Worth in the city
It's her thing!
New platitudes every day.

LouiseF said...

Very fine, Fauxprof! You captured it perfectly.

KitKat said...

Brava brava, @fauxprof! Most excellent lyrics! If only the Santa Royale Caroling Society, accompanied by Sean Hastings on flute and Hanna Dingdon Hastings tickling the ivories, could perform this. All of us in the Worthiverse would lend our voices.

Robb from Joisey said...

Oh, pretty please, Ms. Moy. Let's have Mary and Olive get locked in the museum overnight. As all the dinosaurs and stuffed animals come to life, Mary and Olive encounter Dexter the monkey from "A Night at the Museum." Mary and Dexter then get into a slap fest after Mary tries to play matchmaker for Dexter.

meg said...

Brilliant and hilarious, fauxprof! Can you get me tickets for Mame?

Toots McGee said...

Good one, fauxprof!

Since Olive has a tummy brain, maybe that means she can whistle along through her belly button.

Anonymous said...

According to this Reuters article it took 33,000 years for the dinosaurs to die out after the asteroid hit.

Only to palentologists who measure time in million year epochs and ageless deathless vampires like Mary Worth would classified 33,000 years be 'quickly'

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Yes, Olive, dear. It can happen again. In fact, we are in the midst of a global warming disaster. Due to rising ocean levels, New York City will soon be under water and you will lose your home and everything you hold dear. Now let's go down to the third floor and see how the European settlers wiped out the plains indian tribes. Isn't this fun?!!!!

meg said...

Asteroid kills Olive's parents; Mary adopts Olive; Mary Worth and Olive strip continues until at least 2115. And we thought it couldn't get any worse...

Petunia said...

Change can happen very quickly? How would Mary know?