Friday, December 4, 2015

Mary Worth 2202

It appears that the velociraptor has indeed become animate and is grabbing its first victims. Quick. Protect yourselves.

I must say, yesterday's comments had me chuckling outloud. All were hilarious, but I hope you sung Fauxprof's song outloud.

Today's full strip


KitKat said...

Mr. Giella HAS to be winking at us with tthe first panel.

The museum has the same light fixture seen throughout various Santa Royale buildings. I bet the director's office has pink drapes and an orange sofa.

Olive mouths Mary-style ponderous platitudes so well ("I like to think that change for THE BETTER...and not just the worse...can happen very quickly too!"), can we just call her Mini Mary?

smooth said...

I am sure Olive's unusual gifts could be put into action to protect the planet. Why, she's much stronger than a dumb old asteroid. One might even venture a guess that she could retard kryptonite.

Chester the Dog said...

Hands off the girl, Mary.

Anonymous said...

PetraSaurus Rex! The new Mary Worth villain, with the power to turn unsuspecting Museum patrons into STONE! See as he joins with Central Park Mugger to rain terror in a reign of terror holding the reins of city of New York in their skeletal clutches!

Petunia said...

It's Rex Rexington!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

"Your optimism matches mine, dear Olive!" ... Oh, BARF!!!

Sorry for that immature reaction, but this insipid, smug trading of platitudes is ticking me off! Charterstone pool side, here I come! At least there I won't be meddled for the next three months or so!

Sandi Ego said...

Props to Fauxprof for the delightful holiday song. A Mary Christmas song, if you will.
I feel bad for not commenting lately but a new job has taken over more of my time. I leave early (OK, 9:00) for a riding lesson then work & don't get home till 5:30 most days. By that time all the good comments have been taken! My job is copywriting so by evening I've run out of cleverness anyway. Perhaps I'll try tapping into that second brain in my tummy.
I have enjoyed everyone's continually awesome remarks, though, so thanks for the laughs!

Shmoopie said...

Saturday’s strip concluded with Mary saying, “I know, Olive. I remember that time in my own life.” I felt instantly electrified, thinking Mary would dive right into a fascinating story from her poverty-stricken childhood. Sunday’s recap of course just focuses again on the fragility of our planet, held together with tired old platitudes and only three exclamation marks, but nine – count them, NINE! – ellipses! Since Mondays often introduce new threads into the memory quilt that is Mary Worth I am all atwitter that Mary’s past will make an appearance after all. I doubt I’ll sleep tonight!