Monday, December 7, 2015

Mary Worth 2203

I've learned a lot too, we all have, but I can't figure out how the sun is casting the shadow of the window pane on the inside of the curtains.

Today's full strip


KitKat said...

Hmm, there are a number of oddities besides the shadows on the curtains:

Is Olive jumping around between panels? In the first panel, the edge of the seat is to her left, but in the second panel it's to her right.

Is that a hamburger Mary is holding to her mouth so precariously, or is a large (and not at all appealing) macaron?

Wouldn't a 10-year-old want a realistic-looking dinosaur model rather than something from "The Flintstones" more suitable for a 3-year-old?

Will Mary's early holiday gift be a visit to Santa (actually Former Broadway Legend Ken Kensington, who's fallen on hard times)?

Charlie said...

I wish to nominate Dinosaur for a Worthy Award.

fauxprof said...

Ed and Evy have lucked out with this visit. Not only will they not have to see Olive, they won't have to feed her, either. (Tofu burgers and fortune cookies. Yum!)

tkraft said...

Judging by the amount of food on Olive's table, the brain in your tummy gets quite voracious and must be fed copious amounts...who knew? I learn sooo much from Mary Worth and friends! I'm studying for my post graduate degree in Worthology!

r u ok? said...

Must be cold in NYC, both outside and inside since they never take off their jackets.

M.C. Escher had those same designer curtains in his house to mess with his guests.