Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mary Worth 2217

How condemned will Tee-Hee Eddie feel when Mary Worth comes knocking on the door to ask if she can take Olive to church!

I can't wait to hear Eddy holler from behind closed doors, "Mary, we don't care where you take Olive, or what religion you are! You know that. We will see you later."

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Vince said...

Is Mary planning to leave the big bird and the mashed potatoes cooking while she and Olive head off to church services, and since when does she seek Evy and Ed's permission to take Olive somewhere?

Peggy Olson said...

The next few months are all planned. First, we'll have weeks of Mary explaining the church service to Olive. (Does Mary belong to a generic Christian denomination or some Pagan sect?) Next, they'll create lots of turkey terrines and turkey a-la-felk casseroles with those leftovers. THEN, maybe, Dr. Ed will treat them all for food poisoning. (Mary's not as clean a cook as she seems.)

This should be fun!

May everyone's new year be filled with great friends and laughter.

Toots McGee said...

"Blessed is the CHURCH SERVICE,
makes me nervous..."
Simon and Garfunkel

Such a big bird,
such a clean oven.

fauxprof said...

Is Mary putting the turkey in or taking it out? 'Cause it looks done to me.

Thanks so much for the love notes, my friends. It's been five months, but the holidays got to me yesterday. But I have family rallying round, last minute wrapping for six wonderful little nieces and nephews, and some special baking to finish up. No Kelk or Splak in MY kitchen. (Not in the triple-fudge brownie recipe.)

I hope Mary and Olive are headed to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Love to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Is this where we find out that Olive's Jewish or perhaps Mary is? Are Kelk and Splak Kosher?

Yahoonski said...

I think they are playing a game where Olive has to raise her hands in the air every time Mary yells part of a sentence.

DELICIOUS LEFTOVERS! (Turkey and clams? Or are those mussels?)
CHURCH SERVICES! (Perhaps they'll go to Flip Wilson's Church of What's Happening Now.)

r u ok? said...

I think John Dill created a cult for Mary - with the altar lined with giant pink cakes with angelic sugar sculptures on top. Mary will be visiting the cult for the first time as a surprise, on Christmas Eve? It truly will be grand to watch.

Tiny Tyke said...

Not a day goes by but I check in for the cogent comments on this wonderful blog. Otherwise, I might have missed the third hand in that panel from several days ago. The laughs help me get the day off to a good start.

Thinking of you especially, fauxprof, as this season can be particularly fraught. Sending you virtual will make it. I did.

Wanders, Merry Christmas to you and your family! Continued thanks for being the Founder of the Feast (I'm thinking Fezziwig, not Scrooge!).

May all of you enjoy your holidays in CAPITAL LETTERS! No lower case allowed!

Nance said...


Mary, Queen Of Subtlety and Piety, who attends CHURCH SERVICES mid-week after a Bout Of Cooking. What does that tell you about her Culinary Confidence?


DimensionalOtter said...

Mary, Mary old and scary.
Cooked an overweight canary.
Though her patience is severely testing.
As the ceiling is more interesting.
You must know this to be true.
Just look at Olive’s distracted view.

Anonymous said...

Does Olive go to school? Does she have any friends?

Laura Canon said...

I'm laying odds right now -- Mary is an Episcopalian.
(I say this with deep shame, as I'm an Episcopalian myself.)
On the other hand, some beautiful Episcopalian churches in Manhattan -- Grace, St. Thomas' in midtown... Beautiful churches in Manhattan in general -- interesting to see Giella's take on them.

Michael McCullough said...

I hope Ken Kensington is singing a solo (perhaps O Holy Night) and Mary invites him to Olive's for Christmas dinner! And I'm sure she'll have tips for decorating the sanctuary as well.

Toytuba said...

Why hasn't Mary taken this opportunity to get Ed/Evy involved in the cooking along with Olive? Ed could probably be trusted to cut the carrots, while maybe Evy could toss a salad (toss may have been a poor choice of words.) Shouldn't Mary be looking to bring the family together rather than making Olive more and more distant?

meg said...

fauxprof- stay strong. I,too, found this island of silliness the perfect distraction from an agonizing and lengthy family problem (which ended well). Mr. Meg would ask what I thought about when struggling to sleep, and I truthfully replied 'the unofficial manager of Charterstone'.
Merry Christmas, all; don't burn the bird, and go easy on the eggnog.

KitKat said...

"it's not 'a big bird, dear. It's Big Bird. I'm putting Grover into the vegetable terrine."

fauxprof said...

meg, sometimes I sing myself to sleep with my Mary Worth filksongs. That's how I came up with the Silver Bells parody a couple of weeks ago. Be warned, there's probably more in there.

meg said...

Stooges voice : Well, I soitanly hope so.

KitKat said...

Ah yes, the Church of Bland White People. Where else would Mary go? Jeff's colorless floating head must be the Ghost of Mary's Past, since Mary didn't appear to shop for a gift for him, send him a card, or even bothered to call him. She pulls him out when she needs him, then stuffs him back in a box.

I considered comparing Ed and Evy to a pair of rabbits, but I don't want to insult rabbits. Mary's Christmas gift to Olive should be a call to Child Protective Services.

And on that uplifting note, I wish for Christmas Eve peace to Wanders and this merry band of readers and commenters.

fauxprof said...


Kudos to Joe for Generic Pew. Everyone can imagine the church of their choice. I guess it's a denomination that celebrates Christmas, but, as Pope Francis said in another context, "Who am I to judge?" God bless us, every one.

Toytuba said...

I hope they went to the early service - they don't want to miss the Christmas Eve showing of Auntie Mame on Turner Classic Movies.

richardmoderate said...

and Mary hums her favorite Christmas tune-Jesus Loves Me But He Cant Stand You