Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mary Worth 2340

Let's see how University Director Hilton Berkes feels about your truth, Dawn. After Harlan is fired, do you think your friend could get a job at the paper writing "Ask Da Vinci?"

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fauxprof said...

Mary's smile evokes The Joker. I wonder if that was the effect Joe was going for? We may have to fear weekday Mary.

KitKat said...

"Let them misunderstand you" -?? Let Mary explain THIS meshuggeneh concept.

"I learn a lot from him. He's a GOOD GUY. Now eat this rose, Mary."

Nance said...

The everso perceptive @fauxprof broke into my head and stole my comment. Mary = Joker.

This NonStory is limping badly to its finish line, which could have/should have been weeks ago. Using a professional basketball player's quote on Sunday shows just how far it's reaching.


Wanders said...

I have misunderstood Dawn from the beginning.

tkraft said...

Let's see what lessons we can take away from the last couple of strips:
1. "If you're being bullied, ignore the taunts (and perhaps slaps) and the problem will go away." Mary: When you stop caring about what others think, they tend to bother you less.
2. "If you are being bullied, it's happening because you are reacting the way you do." Dawn: Maybe their bullying was just to get a reaction out of me." E.G. Your reaction just fuels the bully because he/she is only bullying to get your reaction.

After years working in the schools, I can tell you that these are poisonous assumptions that point directly away from how kids could even begin to successfully deal with bullying. If M&G are trying to be funny or light on this subject, I'm missing it. Blaming the victim is just wrong. (OK, done with my rant. Back to being light and funny. I usually try to think of something amusing, but these lines of thinking really pressed my buttons.

Anonymous said...

Are Dawn and Mary about to kiss?

carlnepa said...

KitKat - thank you for my word of the day - meshuggeneh. Who says Mary Worth isn't informative?

lmjb1964 said...

Ok, I know that this strip is from two years ago, so not sure who will read this post, but I love how the characters look like completely different people not only from one day to the next, but one panel to the next. Good thing their hair and clothes stay the same (except when they don't), or we would have no idea who was talking.

And in light of the previous discussion about Dawn and Harlan's relationship, I found it interesting that Mary asks Dawn if she's still being harassed. Is this Moy's way of saying everyone should chill about the inappropriate relationship, because the real problem is those judgemental friends? Nah, probably not.

Thanks to everyone for making Mary Worth even more fabulous than she already was!