Monday, October 24, 2016

Mary Worth 2420

...She says with a glance towards the kitchen. Better get started on those muffins. You don't want Wilbur to be disappointed.


Regina the NY Diva said...

Uh Mary, there's something called the internet..maybe Wilbur sent it to the paper that way. How did Mary send Wilbur's column? Through snail mail. Ugh, sometimes I want to punch these unlikable characters through my computer.

On another subject, I like the updated "American Gothic" pic in the back of the newspaper or magazine or whatever the heck Mary is reading.

smooth said...

Mary's lovely plush pink slippers and exposed cankles in the first panel have totally made my day.

fauxprof said...

Are Wilbur's Survivor Stories being published in the form of a graphic novel? And who cares where Wilbur is, I want to see Toby and Jeff, or even Ian. As long as the Tweedlebeedies are gone (hopefully forever), I'm ready for something new.

KitKat said...

It's Throwback Monday! To celebrate, Mary's wardrobe is from that wonderful year of 1971.

I also noticed June's homage to American Gothic. No pitchfork, though. June, you need to kick things up a notch, e.g., having the guy hold a selfie stick.

Uh oh, Wilbur, you neglected to check in with Mary! You're toast,buddy.

Yahoonski said...

Who wants to sip some champagne from those slippers? Raise your hands!

Anonymous said...

That looks like Bill Weld on the back page. I don't recognize the woman though. Maybe it's Gary Johnson in disguise; I can understand why Gary wouldn't want to be recognized at this point; someone might ask him a tough question like his birth date or middle name.

Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm pretty sure Wilbur has left you several messages since he has been back.

Message six (from Wilburs 2004 flip phone) "Oh, hi Mary. It's me Wilbur, I'm still at the airport waiting for you to pick me up. Did you get my messages the past few days? I hope my phone is working. Could you please call me?"

Mary snickers to herself.

Message seven (From Jerrys sandwich shop the next day with Wilbur doublefisting a tuna melt and a BLT and his mouth full). "Ooo, hi merrri, umma Wilba. Ummm, sandwich. I'm ba a wan ask awndy. CHOMP! Cu me soo. CHOMP!"

Mary snickers to herself.

Message eleven. (Wilbur calls on the flip phone silently crying to himself outside Marys door). "Mary, please answer the door. We need to talk about ask Wendy."