Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mary Worth 2486

All I want to know is why we never got to see these romantic, intimate moments between Iris and Wilbur. Surely they had them, and I think they would have been far more interesting.


smooth said...

I don't think there is enough room for all of Zak's planned "compliments" in that little Fiat.

fauxprof said...

She yattered on about how she was dressed before the concert, all through the concert, after the concert, and now during what should be a makeout session. Give it a rest, Iris, unless you're going for the championship of most boring whiny woman in Santa Royale!

MissScarlet said...

Oh no! I don't want to see Wilbur intimate with anyone ever. Please Brigmans, don't do it.

KitKat said...

Okay, I'm creeped out by (1) Zak rubbing his hand against Iris's cheek and (2) the peculiar pattern of his stubble.

I'm hoping Iris invites Zak into her apartment...for coffee and spiritual reading with Tommy.

meg said...


Worth v Beedie

Gray Power versus Blonde Ambition

A Century of Boring versus a Loooonnnnngggg Evening of Whining

Can the Crone take the Cougar

Will the Tommy Mommy defeat the Unofficial Manager

Wait! Here's a potential tiebreaker!

Their seconds have arrived.

In the biddie's corner, it's Dr. Jeff, the most boring man in Santa Royals

In the cradle-robber's corner, it's Wilbur Weston, the least interesting man in the world.

It's gonna be a long night folks, so pop that corn and put your feet up.

meg said...

Santa RoyalE

tkraft said...

An apropos panel today!
Fiat: Fix It Again, Tony
Iris: Irritation Repeatedly In Sequence
Zak: Zero Appeal...K'mon Man!

Anonymous said...

Seinfeld episode "The Stand In."

You all know the line I'm thinking of....

Anonymous said...

Rule in life: Better to be overdressed than underdressed, especially when you are a bit older.