Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mary Worth 2564

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7:00 Bed Making Demonstration
8:00 Towel Folding
9:00 Dish Washing
11:00 Bag Lunch Packing
12:00 Vacuuming
2:00 Dancing by the Pool with the Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaner Line
3:00 Deck Swabbing
4:00 Dinner Preparation
8:00 Dish Washing II
10:00 Watching for Icebergs


Anonymous said...

Funny, funny stuff, Wanders.

"Mary, I want to surprise Ian when he gets home. So I'm going to the nose-piercing and self-tattooing class."

-- S. McW.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "It Really Is Like Staying At The YMCA".

Line dancing.
Toby! See!
Fun. Plenty!
Events Guide. Much!

Nice job, Wanders. My mother probably invented this cruise. Her favourite therapy for all of my problems/illnesses was Put Your Hands In Some Hot Dishwater.

fauxprof said...

How much more buildup before we get to the plot? Odds on it will have something to do with Derek sneaking a cigarette and Katie going ballistic, requiring Mary's intervention for the next several weeks...months...the only thing I can cling to is that we have been mercifully Beedie-free. If I wanted to be involved in an interminable sea story, I'd re-read Moby-Dick. It has moments of excitement, as well as being somewhat better written.

Yahoonski said...

The robot-speak is strong with these folks.

Yahoonski said...

Some guys will suck in their fat tummies when a hottie like Mary sits down next to them, but this dude has not only buffed up considerably, he's willed his male pattern baldness to totally disappear!

And speaking of speaking like a robot, I believe that's why Karn Moy never posts a comment here: she can't convince the reCAPTCHA software that she's "not a robot."

Downpuppy said...

Tummy is on Mary's right, sixpack on her left.
Mary only reached the cruise terminal on March 27. Are you really expecting plot before May Day?

Yahoonski said...

Downpuppy: Yes, I agree that Mr. Tummy Belly is on her right, but unless the balding guy moved since Weds, it sure looked like she was going to take the chair to his right, so he'd be lying on her left side, and now he looks quite different.

Downpuppy said...

I salute your focus through the twists of this plot.


Shmoopie said...

There are Mary's empty, empty eye sockets staring up into the deep blue yonder again. Soooo creepy!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary's Helpful Hint #16: If you'd like to IMPROVE YOUR LOOK, sun yourself in a deck chair on the ALOHA DECK! ... It did wonders for the bald dude with the pot belly from 4/12. Now he has a great head of hair, and he's lookin' pretty buff, too! ... Toodle-loo, Dr. Jeff! I've found a new "friend."

Wanders, I LOVE your list of activities! Everyone just has to make sure that they don't stay up all night watching for icebergs, since they have to start chores ... er, "activities" ... at 7:00 a.m.!