Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mary Worth 2565

But will there be pork chops?

It's about time we discussed the entertainment. There shall be acrobats!


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Wasn't Rabindranath Tagore The Band That Iris And Zak Went To See?"

Stretch class!
Tomorrow! Dress-up formal dinner?
Love dress up! Show!
Entertainment very good!
Well worth! Enjoy!

(The exclamation mark is almost worn off on my keyboard.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't saying "dress-up formal dinner" a little redundant? I wish Katie would say, "You know what, lady? We rubes might not know our aft from a hole in the ground but we do know enough to dress up for a formal dinner!"

Anonymous said...

The shape-shifter to Mary's left is now a woman. Why isn't this the main story line? Potentially too interesting, I guess.

-- S. McW.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Today’s Sunday epigraph really ticks me off! It’s a total dis to Toby, and the HOSERS ... I mean, Hoosiers ... are nice, friendly strangers, but they are NOT Mary’s FRIENDS! I’m sorry, Rabindranath Tagore, but real friendship DOES take TIME to DEVELOP!!!

Whew! Well, now that that’s off my chest ... Mary’s at it again with her “tips”! Do the Hosers really like to hear her “advice”?

Mary’s Helpful Hint #16: If some random, needy stranger keeps trying to insert herself into your life—even inviting you to a formal, “dress-up” dinner in the main dining room—give her a condescending wave, tell her “MAYBE we’ll see you tonight!” then head off to make reservations for CASUAL DINING on the Aloha Deck! She’ll never find you there!

DWET said...

DRAT! Today's Helpful Hint is #17. Sorry! (I lost count after two weeks of this "fun" cruise!)

meg said...

On Day 1 of the worst cruise ever, Derek mentioned how friendly people were. And yet no one else has spoken a single word. I strongly suspect that they have accidentally been booked onto the annual Professional Mimes Getaway Cruise. We'll find out for sure when Mary and the others attend this evening's very good entertainment.

Yahoonski said...

Anonymous: Yes, at the rate the occupants of that chair are changing, perhaps Mary needs to seek a class in personal hygiene.

Garnet said...

Poor Derek. He gets to spend his vacation getting nagged at, being threatened with divorce, going line dancing, and going to a formal dress-up dinner that Mary Worth is at.

Maybe he'll snap and start chucking people overboard!

KitKat said...

Wanders, if there are acrobats there better be pork chops!

This has to be the most stilted, boring dialogue EVER. I'd say it sounds like it was written by bots, but that would insult bots. Oy veh!

fauxprof said...

Tonight's show is really going to be something. It's "A Salute to Mayonnaise", based on the poetry of Wilbur Weston. A celebration of blandness, a true Splaktacular. The audience will be enchanted. Also, there will be complimentary kelk and chicken salad bar snacks. The drinks, however, are in no way complimentary. $7.50 for a rum and diet Coke, extra if you want Bacardi instead of Captain Morgan. (The lime wedge and little umbrella are extra as well.)

Delilah said...

Katie is wearing a scooter skirt! I had one in the 6th grade, which was way back in 1966. Glad to know that I was a style-setter.

Chester the Dog said...

Pork chops and acrobats, live on the open sea!