Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mary Worth 2583

Woah, hey! What happened? How did these two end up alone together in the designated smoking area? This is bad, real bad. Derek is already lying to Katie and confiding in Esme the Entertainer. Smoking and flirting. Now if he'll just murder someone, I'm pretty sure Katie will divorce him.


Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

I'd like to imagine that the panel before the throwaway was that Derek was walking in the designated smoking area and Entertainer Esme is standing there, pack in hand, saying "Cigarette, big boy?"

I can't wait for the hilarity when Derek gets back to his cabin and his shrewish wife smells cigarettes on his breath.

fauxprof said...

I love it when something actually happens on a Sunday. However, the painfully slow buildup to this magic moment has me a little disoriented. Are we still on the morning of the day of the Haitian shore excursion? Will we see Toby snorkeling and Mary ziplining? Or Derek and Esme canoodling in the surf a la "From Here to Eternity"? (Funny how KM's lame storytelling brings up memories of much better movies.)

KitKat said...

Did we miss a strip between Saturday and today? Maybe one at 11:59 pm that vanished at the stroke of midnight?

Hey Derek, Venus was not from Venus. Even a goddess would have a hard time living on that planet.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Labadee DooDah, Labadee Ay".

Why not? Wrong, innocent?
Promised quit.
Made, broken.
I suppose. Introduce Derek.

Anonymous said...


After weeks and weeks of desultory tedium . . . It. Is. On.

-- S. McW.

Sandi Ego said...

No doubt Esme smokes Eve cigarettes - "There's a little Eve in every woman". This will not end well. When Derek can't even manage to say he promised his wife, a.k.a. someone, to quit, he's already made up his mind to go astray.
@Nance - Labadee DooDah just made my day!

Yahoonski said...

Where in heaven's name is this smoking deck that is clearly no more than 10 ft. above the waves? Perhaps the cruise ship is sinking due to a mishap with the cooking demo Mary is attending on Deck 7. (Crock pot core meltdown caused red hot unit to burn through lower decks and right through the hull.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Derek is a real prize! Hiding from his wife to sneak a smoke and immediately smothering Esme from Arizona with fulsome compliments. Suggested plot twist: wife murders Derek by pushing him off the deck in a fit of rage and then proceeds to frame Esme. Very noir!

-- Liz

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary’s Helpful Hint #38: For smokers, there’s a designated smoking area on the Fiesta Deck! Charming conversationalists have been known to frequent the area! But be careful ... occasionally, a SPACE ALIEN from VENUS might show up! ... But denizens of VENUS sure ARE HOT! (Surface temperature estimate: 864 degrees F.)

Moss_Moses said...

KitKat, that is a good point about planet Venus. The surface is like 864 degrees fahrenheit! Even a goddess like Esme could not survive there. How will Mary meddle her way into this extramarrital fling? She may walk by the smokers area just as D&E are holding hands or kissing.

Anonymous said...

Good observation Yahoonski, especially since their first speech bubble appears to be coming from the top deck! Also, thanks for the hilarious image of a crock pot core meltdown - been laughing all afternoon at what must be Mary's expression as she kneels on the floor, leaning over the hole watching the crock pot disappearing down through all levels of the ship!

Anonymous said...

Moss_Moses - my bet is that it will be Toby, on her power walk (she'll have to walk around all the decks of course - that was a big breakfast) will be the one to come upon the lovers. And that she, being jealous of anyone's young love, will intentionally tell Katie about seeing Derek and Esme together.