Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mary Worth 2616

But we all know Derek's secret power is kicking in doors!

Panel 2 gives us two more Loves. Current score:

Enjoy: 19
Good: 18
Love: 13
Nice: 7


Delilah said...

Derek: Baby! We need to talk!
Katie: You’re NOT coming in, Derek!
Derek: OK doll! If you change your mind, I’ll be smok -er-chatting with Esme! Sweet dreams!

fauxprof said...

If this altercation is loud enough, and late enough, security could get involved. But no other passengers will complain because there are no other passengers save Mary and Toby. There are illusory wraiths who hover around the buffet and cheer for Esme's performances, but no real people. It's a ghost ship in a nightmare world we call...The Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Gee Derek, aren't you in enough hot water already? I'm guessing that it hadn't even occurred to Katie that you might actually be in love with Esme. I sure hope you don't work as a criminal defense attorney!

Anonymous said...

Derek: Baby! We need to talk! I've been giving this a lot of thought and.....
I don't think that Hoosiers does actually rhyme with cruisers.....

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "On The Cusp Of Meddling/Hulk Sad".

Baby! Talk!
Saw, Saw. Sleep somewhere else tonight!
All wrong! Not!

KitKat said...

June's drawing is pretty good in general, but the way she does crying is too icky for me - blech. I had to look away from Katie yesterday and today [shiver].

Since Katie locked herself in the cabin, I guess Derek will be the one to encounter Mary and Toby, a.k.a. the Batman and Robin of Meddling. Holy platitudes!

Yahoonski said...

Why is the addendum about being in love with Katy in a thought cloud rather than a speech bubble? You would think he'd be saying that out loud, though maybe thinking: "But Esme IS wicked hot."

Anonymous said...

Katie, are we having fun yet?

You know, with all the movies being made about comic strip and comic book characters, maybe they should do a Mary Worth movie. Of course, it would drag on for about seven hours without any resolution of the plot in order to set up numerous sequels.

Never mind, bad idea.

–– Scottie McW.

Chester the Dog said...

Katie is not crying, she is leaking. I agree it is pretty icky. She must buy waterproof mascara by the truckload.

Does Derek not try to sneak a puff at home? Do they not fight like this at home? Isn't there a local version of 3E in their hometown?

@Scottie: The film version of Mary Worth would not do well. The most exciting part of the movie would be the "silence your cell phones" PSA in the beginning.

fauxprof said...

A Mary Worth movie would only work with Wanders and the rest of of giving it the MST3K treatment. Josh from Comics Curmudgeon could be a guest heckler. Still, casting would be a lot of fun. Helen Mirren as Mary?

LouiseF said...

I am curious just where Derek WILL end up staying tonight. He might be able to climb up onto the kids' waterslide and sleep up at the top, as long as he wakes up before they turn it on in the morning. .. Under the arcade games in the game room? Nobody plays them late at night, and I doubt Security would look there. Nope, this knucklehead will likely run into Esme, who will likely, have more comfortable accoomodations in mind for poor, pathetic Derek.

Toots McGee said...

I just realized what the last two days of Katie's crying reminded me of:

Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein

Dave in Parma said...

Maggie Smith is the clear choice to be cast as Mary. You choice on the Harry Potter or Downton Abbey look.