Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mary Worth 2648

Woah, Mary. Not medical practice. Medical group. They don't have to practice anymore. They know what they're doing.

I'm sensitive to this, having worked at the Palo Alto Center for Pulmonary Disease Prevention and Smoking Cessation Medical Group when I was about Dawn's age, summers, while I was in college. Making appointments, filing, running errands... as I mentioned a few weeks ago. Wait. Is Dawn going to live my life now?


fauxprof said...

Wanders, if Dawn is going to live your life, the very first thing she'll have to do is develop a sense of humor. I don't see that happening.

Downpuppy said...

Look at the hands. Especially in the last panel. Oh, dear, it's begun.
At least there will be some Worthy panels this year.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Adulting: Not Brutal. Yet."

Started. Far, good. Like. Adult.
Medical practice?
Appointments, filing, running errands;
Subbing maternity leave. School.
Handy, college expenses.
Work. Trip. Good back!
Good. Best luck!

Yahoonski said...

Wanders, if you're going to count overworked adjectives in this new "story," "good" is certainly off to a good start.

KitKat said...

I'd like to know how Dawn got this job, considering she is not a go-getter and as naive as they come. Also, has "maternity leave" ever been uttered in the Worthiverse previously?

Dawn, these things can help you feel more adult:

Food shopping and cooking for yourself
Paying the utility bills
Paying your car insurance, plus gas and maintenance

Anyone else have cognitive dissonance caused by a Margaret Atwood quotation juxtaposed with Dopey Dawn?

Anonymous said...

Too soon to end the Good -- Enjoy -- Love -- Nice competition.

This Sunday's new story launch moves Good ahead by 3.

Good: 21 + 3
Enjoy: 20
Love: 18
Nice: 7

Anonymous said...

They sell "gallery-quality" prints of all the Sunday strips on Comics Kingdom. Who on earth would want a print of nothing but boring small talk?

-- Scottie McW.

leang heng said...

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