Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mary Worth 2671

Dawn's amazement stems from the fact that stuff doesn't happen in the Worthiverse. So when something does, it is first to be doubted and then avoided. Trust me. Today's thrill is merely a prologue to tomorrow's tedium. Even after Jared rustles the hydrangeas.


fauxprof said...

Moonlight and hydrangeas. Finally, Dawn finds true love and says a wholehearted "yes!" At least that's what she thinks she's saying "yes" to. That's predatory behavior, one, romantic illusions, zero. And another Dawn Weston relationship disaster storyline is well and truly launched.

KitKat said...

Kudos to you for identifying those hydrangeas, Wanders. And I've been wondering where Jared is, too (though something about him reminds me of the Central Park Troll).

Is this going to be a cautionary tale of a naive (and I'm being kind) young woman seduced by a cad, or will it be another creepy Moy plot, like Yoga for Two at Harlan's House? If it's the latter, I'm ready to bolt.

BTW, we've speculated about Moy's choice of quotations and if she knows anything about the source of a quotation. I had to google Natalie Barney, and I learned that she and Dawn Weston are as different as two people could be. I think Dawn should research and write a paper on Natalie Barney.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Oh, Ick."

Really? Happening? Ned?

Anonymous said...

@fauxprof - I don't know for sure but that wholehearted "yes!" seems to be coming from Dr. Ned's thought balloon, not Dawn's, doesn't it? And we know what that means!

Dave in Parma said...

People and black ink appears to have smeared over some dialogue in one of the earlier panels. If fully seen it would have read, "Ned! There appears to some small people repelling down your Matterhorn of a forehead!"

Dave in Parma said...


Peggy Olson said...

Nance, I now always look for the words in bold. Your titles, however, are always perfect, especially today's.

KitKat, thanks for pointing out today's quote from Natalie Barney, a feminist pioneer whose life would shock naive Dawn - and Moy if she had a clue. Once again, Moy has selected a Sunday quote out of context. It's always fun to see how inappropriate the quote or author is in the Worthiverse.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Ned isn't one for naturally evolving romance that entails flowers, chocolate, and, you know, getting to know one another. Hooking up seems to be his M.O.

Wham, bam, thank you Temp. Enjoy college.

Head 'em up, move 'em out.


-- Scottie McW.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I’ve been too busy “adulting” to keep up with this strip lately (sigh!), but I have high hopes for Dawn, Ned, and Jared!

The last “plot” taught us so much! It taught Derek that he should have hooked up with that hot Esme and dumped that drip of a wife of his! It taught Katie that smoking is not the worst thing that a wayward husband can get up to! It taught Esme that she’ll have to prop a sturdy stone up against the ladies’ room door next time around! It taught us readers that Mary and Toby can be oblivious, even when they’re meddling! (Well, we probably knew that already ...) And it taught me that if you read all of the “Mary Worth” strips all at once, you get the whole “plot” in one exciting, exhilarating blast and don’t have time to obsess over every little nuance, every little detail. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

What will happen next? Will Dawn fall in love with Ned? Will Dawn fall in love with Jared? Will Dawn advance her career? Will Ned turn out to be a first-class creep? (Probably!) Will Jared turn out to be a stalker? (Dawn told him the name of her apartment complex!) Well, my prediction for the current “plot” is—in line with the names of the restaurants, and also because it could be translated in a family-friendly manner but also in a non-family-friendly manner, I will write it in French—

Dawn baisera Ned avec beaucoup de jouissance!

Yahoonski said...

In the immortal words of Bill Parcells, "I just threw up in my mouth."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tumnus the Faun should be showing up at that lamp light any minute now to rescue Dawn.

Tim S. said...

Jared's not in the bushes. If he were we'd see some serious grawlixes in a thought bubble.