Monday, July 15, 2019

Mary Worth 3158

Oh, you Europeans, and your overt sexual advances. Even if you are just trying to recover from showing your French arrogance. Dude, you're eating a fried ham and cheese sandwich at the mall. Scale it back a bit.


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Cue Cards From The Hulk's Diet Coke Commercial".

Coca-Cola! Much better!
Just fine!
Eat better, does working!

RobC said...

Not just a baked ham and cheese, but one smothered in bechamel - which is butter and flour and whole milk. 650 calories for that french sandwitch.

A coke - 158 calories.

This guy is pretentious. The perfect summer love for Dawn!

Anonymous said...

FYI, ignorant peasants, Monsieur Arrogance's surname is pronounced "Lam-BARE."

-- Scottie McW.

KitKat said...

What’s with the teeny table and cramped booth? Is this what cheap eateries in France are like?

After a week of this, Dawn will visit Mary for a cooking lesson. “Oh Mary, a French exchange student seems interested in me but he’s giving mixed messages, like insulting my diet but then complimenting my appearance. So, how long before I can begin writing ‘Dawn Lambert’ and ‘Mrs. Hugo Lambert’ in my notebooks?”

LouiseF said...

Perhaps Monsieur Snooty has been spying on Dawn and has seen the diet offered by her father, ahem, Wilbur Cheetos in the Couch Weston...No wonder Dawn is defensive about what she eats.

SueRL said...

So do we think Hugo is going to marry Dawn? For love of course. Not just because his visa is up in a month (after he paints his host family's house) That would have nothing to do with it

Carlye said...

By the way, Dawn's sandwich should have a fried egg on it, not a poached egg. The Madame part refers to the fried egg being all ruffled on the edges and looking like a lady's hat.

Oh, dear, I can't believe I actually looked that up. But then, food is so much more interesting than the story line.

Hermite said...

Plus, he's eating off a paper towel! I guess that would save money on dishes, though. Or, perhaps a new role for chin napkin?

MissScarlet said...

But, wait a minute, I don't see Dawn eating anything at all. Is she just sipping a soda (gasp! With a straw! In California?). So, yeah, I kind of agree with Hugo here.

MDMaryTed said...

So let me get this straight: Hugo is eating his sandwich on a paper towel with a fork which he is holding like a chopstick and he is commenting on how Dawn eats?

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

First of all, who drinks coke out of can (with a straw no less) in a sit down restaurant? Also who eats a sandwich with a fork?

Dawn sure knows how to pick 'em. Dave, Dr. Drew Corey, the one armed guy who said that Dawn reminded him of his sister (ick), Dr. McCreepy, Harlan now this guy. She's a real creep magnet.

I was hoping that Monsieur Beaucaire would tell this interesting story. Please plug into Google translate for the Englais version:

"En parlant d’Américains mal nourris, j’étais un jour au centre commercial et je suis passé devant le restaurant Giant Hamburger. Il y avait ce gros homme peu attrayant avec huit cheveux peignés sur sa tête chauve. Il mangeait un sandwich à la mayonnaise. Quelle horreur. Je peux imaginer à quoi ressemblent ses enfants."