Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mary Worth 3160

"I'm leaving and going someplace where I can get some Freedom Fries."

His 'host family' must really love this guy.


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Notes From A Ford F150 Commercial".

Day to day built!
Love principles...
Equality, Justice,

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Wow, I expected the National Anthem to start playing as Dawn spoke. This guy is a total jerk. Wanders, I'm wondering if he talks this smack to his host family. He's probably going to paint the French flag on their house.

I predict that Dawn is going to give Pepe Le Pew a history lesson somehow and having him loving America. Either that or he'll join Dawn and Mary in a cooking session.

P.S. LOL Nance.

KitKat said...

Hilarious BFH title, @Nance!

How long before a certain person tweets, “If you criticize the U.S., go back to the failing crime-ridden country you came from, the one where they eat snails!”!

r u ok? said...

Hugo does NOT remind Dawn of Dave.

Anonymous said...

Another gem, Nance!

I agree with Wanders. The American swine who are hosting Huge-ego will probably say, "You know, let's just skip the house-painting thing. We're thinking of getting siding. Besides, you must be anxious to be on your way. We've packed your bags."

No way that patriotic spiel flowed spontaneously off the top of Dawn's head. She seems more of an "Oh yeah???!!!" debater.

-- Scottie McW.

Tim said...

If Karen Moy wants to push the French stereotype even further Hugo needs to berate Dawn for her American obsession with hygiene and for the shaving of the armpits.

Nance said...

Thanks, everyone.

Still laughing about(and heartily agreeing with) @Scottie's characterization of Dawn as an Oh Yeah? Debater. Had MW been set in the high school where I taught, she might have been a "@#%& You, Yo Mama" Debater instead.

Ah, if only...!

Sandi Ego said...

Dawn will invite Frenchie to karaoke night where she'll belt out that awful Lee Greenwood song and chow down on Freedom Fries.
Not sure where this story is headed, but embassy intervention may be required.

LouiseF said...

Sputtering with laughter this morning, everyone! Dawn apparently didn't pay much attention in civics class. "equality" was added to the Bill of Rights 100 years ago this summer when women got the right to vote.

LouiseF said...

Darn! Dawn has me humming "Chicken Fried" (as in "salute the ones who fought and died" for our "chicken fried, cold been on a Friday night, etc..), by the Zac Brown band... You can torment yourselves with it at Youtube while you imagine Dawn singing it at karaoke.

meg said...

Why is Hugo attending SRCC? Didn’t have the grades for the Sorbonne Community College? Or did he enroll just to sit at the feet of Master Teacher Ian Cameron?

Would love to hear Ian speaking about Victor Hugo and his novels...
“Yoong Johnnie Valjean stole a loaf ay bread, and the devil detectife Javert chased heem fur years.”

TimP said...

It's an admittedly small sample size but most of the French people I know who choose to live in America do it because they like it here.