Saturday, March 21, 2020

Mary Worth 3315

Yikes! Chin Napkin and The Blah Blah Bench all in the same week! Hold the phone! This relationship is moving way too fast!


KitKat said...

Before I snark about today’s strip, a more serious thought: I am so thankful to have this blog, which is an island of hilarity, companionship, and sanity in these uncertain, stressful, uncharted times. Every morning I look forward to reading Wanders’s hilarious and pithy messages and all the comments by you, my virtual friends. To thank Wanders for providing this wonderful forum, I clicked on the Donate button and contributed. These are tough times indeed; if you’re able, please consider a donation. This is my unsolicited testimonial - thank you for virtually listening!

And now it’s snark time! When Jared says “I needed this too!” does he mean Dawn wiping food off his chin? I bet that’s a regular occurrence for him.

Anonymous said...

Who sits on a bench outside a cafe they just ate at? Who does this? What, are they waiting for a bus or something? I just don't get kids today.

-- Scottie McW.

P.S. Nice sentiment, KitKat. This is a sanctuary amid all the uneasiness.

Peggy Olson said...

Anonymous, they're waiting for the bus. Neither underemployed Jared or forever student Dawn could afford a car.

These days, I find Mary Worth's predictable stories are now comforting. And this blog is wonderful in these crazy times of uncertainty.

meg said...

Dawn, a dutiful daughter, has been reaching across the dinner table for years, wiping substances of varying colors, sizes, shapes and textures off Wilbur’s chin(s). Smallish, pink, corona virus-shaped? Yes. Large, red, meatball textured and shaped? Yes. Big yellow, whole-grain mustard textured? Oh, hell, yes! Mayonnaise? Duh! Of course.

Jared’s chin glop has both awakened and resolved some of Dawn’s Daddy issues.