Friday, November 13, 2020

Mary Worth 3497

When Tommy first claimed to work in a low paying job for over a year, I thought, Only a year?? So I went back, thinking it would be like six years at least, but no, he seems to have gotten the job at Freda's in the summer of 2018.

But I have to ask, are we finally getting back to that long forgotten plot point that Tommy was going to start a new sales career? Because that feels like six years ago, too.


fauxprof said...

Tommy’s opportunity in sales is probably an MLM. Essential oils or overpriced kitchenware, maybe. And to really hit it big, all he has to do is recruit others to sign up, too. Easy-Peary, for a guy who proposed with an onion ring and got shot down immediately.

Anonymous said...

"Why would Brandy still want me?"

"Well, she's not exactly on the career fast track either, Tommy. She's just as big an underachiever as you are."

"Hey, you're right! Thanks, Mrs. Worth, I feel much better now! . . . By the way, this banana bread isn't very good."

"Excuse me!!!"

[I can't think of a way to end this.]

-- Scottie McW.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Tommy's Performance Review At Freda's Includes A Raise This Year".

Low-paying! Want?
Year, achievement!
Yeah, I.

KitKat said...

The banana bread reminds me of the flat compressed sponges from back in the day. You put the flat thing in water and presto, it magically transformed into a sponge! One of those sponges would be way more appetizing than these slices of a mystery baked good. Also, Mary and her acolyte Tommy are grasping those slices in a most peculiar way - ???!!

Didn’t Brandy pooh-pooh Tommy’s sales-class ambition? I recall she said she’d miss seeing him at work all day. Scottie McW. hit the nail on the head - Brandy’s an underachiever too.

Anonymous said...

I know they are supposed to be in California so flowers are a possibility in November but definitely not daffodils! I suppose they are easy to draw?

meg said...

Scottie: You need to borrow the punchline from an old Borscht Belt joke:

“This banana bread isn’t very good.”

“And the portions are so small!”

Michael Beaumier said...

You could honestly pick up Tommy right now — as is, haircut and all — and plop him down right in the middle of Kajillion Dollar Real Estate: Los Angeles and I promise you, he’d be their top earner on the west side.

He’s dumb, he’s angry all the time, there’s a whiff of substance abuse and he refuses to go by “Tom” or even “Thomas” — put that man in a tie, and voila.

tkraft said...

Soon in this plodline, we will see Tommy newly-shorn in a crisp suit, rolling in the dough when his app, "GFriendMeter, has gone public. Zak, Iris' boytoy, linked him up with wealthy venture capitalists to roll it out. The app detects and quantifies relationships, indicating optimal times to take "next steps" with that special lady in your life. It has been a whopping success with millions of downloads. Sadly, Tommy field tested the app on Zak's secretary, Lola (maintaining song based gf names). She's sporting Tommy's engagement Cheerio. And they all lived happily ever after.

LouiseF said...

All of a sudden it makes sense to me why Brandy doubts the sobriety of her beloved. Thanks, M. Wanders! My guess is that Brandy has put 2 and two together and figured out that back when she and Tommy had that conversation about his "sales career", he never came clean that his "experience" with drug dealing. She comes from the same mileu, so the sight of him and Vin at this point can be nothing more than evidence that he is planning to go back to the most lucrative endeavor he has been involved in thus far... QED. Next up, Mary tracks down Brandy, living in a studio apartment with a kitchen sink that drips over unwashed dishes, to entreat her to consider taking Tommy back. Mary's agenda: get Tommy to move in with Brandy and rid Charterstone of his unkempt hair and criminal potential. He will NEVER be an hors d'oeuvres-bearing attendee at a pool party.

Steve said...

Mr. Wanders

Before I forget, I want to nominate Vin for Outstanding Performance by a Guest Character in the 2020 Awards