Friday, September 25, 2020

Mary Worth 3471

Yesterday, there were a lot of jokes about Tommy selling CBD oil. I don't think I've shared this here, but now seems like an appropriate time. About once every couple of weeks, someone will stop by our house looking for CBD oil. They're at the wrong place, of course. OF COURSE! Apparently, our address and the address of the dispensary share a similar street name and when people enter the address into Google Maps, if they aren't reading the auto-suggestion carefully, they end up on our porch.


KitKat said...

Wanders, I hope no one knocks on your door asking for Tommy Beedie.

I suppose all of us heard trombones and tympani (da da DAA!!!!) when Brandy poses her question today. Yes, a tip of the muffin hat to KM on this one.

Local college? The new place on Oak Street? Are there any places in Santa Royale that have proper names? BTW, based on the apron-clad plump waitress, the new place on Oak Street is the place Dawn and Jared went to.

I’m really anticipating Nance’s BFH title today!

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Talking Points For The Amway Presentation".

Sales training.
Sales training?
Like more money.

RobC said...

My parents have had the same phone number since 1970. When I was a kid, it was one digit off from the local pharmacy. We used to get calls all the time from old French ladies. "Iz dis Percy's?" "No, madame, sorry. You have the wrong number. It's 4-4262." "Oh! Merci!"

Meanwhile, Tommmi will be a cracker jack salesman. If you can push drugs, you can push anything. Too bad they don't let the drug reps into the hospital anymore. They used to bring GOOD lunches.

Anonymous said...

I think this definitely calls for a contest to see who can come up with the best response for Tommy to make.


meg said...

I wonder if he’ll be attending the same university sales training program that Liza Colby attended? Because of the pandemic, it’s now the local college training program. Good luck with your new job at Scamway, Tommy! But we never saw Liza after that, so bye bye Beedie.

r u ok? said...

So what kind of food style does "New Place" serve? High back booths. 4 page plastic menus with desserts on the back including Chocolate Love(?). No silverware or napkins provided at the table - I guess you have to go to the soda fountain area to get your own? Plastic cups - with a straw!!! - I thought California forbid straws. Waitress wearing an apron like in a diner. Looks like Brandy ordered a big helping of mashed potatoes with a side of sweet potato fries. Maybe Tommy ordered shallots and carrots? Hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

"Sales? But you'll have to get a haircut and wear a suit."


"Yes, you'll never get a job looking like . . . this."

"Oh. . . . Well, never mind then."

-- Scottie McW.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Brandy: "Why sales? Have you done that before?"

Tommie: "Does selling meth count?"

I'm thinking that our headless waitress would most likely look like the waitress from the Supertramp album "Breakfast in America."

Steve said...

Brandy: "I have a friend Dawn who goes there. She had sex with one of her teachers and with a pompous American hating French student. My other friend Janie got an F from some third rate teacher from Scotland"

Sandi Ego said...

All I can say, Wanders, is that you are missing a golden opportunity for a lucrative side hustle. They're showing up at your door ready to buy. Might be time to turn that spare bedroom into a stockroom.

KitKat said...

You can legally speak to Brandy about your illegal activities, Tommy. If she thinks you’re perfect, her standards are a sub-basement level anyway.

Anonymous said...


So, I guess the sixth ammendment doesn't apply in Santa Royale. Tommy can't legally talk about his activities because why? His trial is still pending? I mean, it's only been 16 years ago since his arrest.


Anonymous said...

And by "perfect" she means "ride home."


-- S. McW.