Monday, January 14, 2008

Mary Worth 92

Oh my freaking stars!! I did not see this coming. I know Mary forcast that we hadn't "heard the last of the Drew and Vera story!," but it is too soon. Too soon!! Please kill me now! Not another six months of Drew Corey. Please, please, please, by Grabthar's Hammer, please spare us another six months of Drew Corey. I mean, what has happened since we last saw the Love Doctor "showing the stars" to Vera Shields?? Mary found a dog and returned it to his owner. It took six weeks to tell. Last year, the Drew and Vera story lasted Six MONTHS. Six stinking months!! Okay, four and a half, but it felt like years!

I do have to admit, though, the Surprise Quotient on this one was very high, ranking almost up there with Dawn's slap and Aldo's crash!


JLH said...

Wha w w w wha .. You missed one! Saturday's! With something (a handkerchief?) suddenly appearing in Mary's hand, and with the dog loose nearby two other loose dogs -- I thought this dog couldn't be trusted!

wanders said...


Sorry to have disappointed you over the weekend. No, I don't comment on every strip (as you can tell from my archive index). Other things I rarely comment on include color, since the coloring is done by some middle schooler with Microsoft Paint on her computer. I am sorry if I don't keep your appetite for Mary Worth Snark satiated. Sometimes, I just need to enjoy the daily strip alone in my private time. However, there is a link on my blog to the Washington Post's daily strip so you never have to miss an episode.

You're right, though, I had no idea what Mary was sniffing in her hand, and I never trusted Chester either.

birdie said...

I think Toby agrees with you. She's slapping herself in the head in a "Please! Put me out of my misery!" kind of way.

Maybe it'll be better than we expect. Maybe Drew will trip over a dog in the road or something.