Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mary Worth 269

Stepford wife alert! Stepford wife alert! It's a good thing Toby has been thinking of Ian because in the three years since the iconic character last appeared in this strip, I think most of us had totally forgotten all about Professor Chin-Beard. I wonder if he'll make an appearance soon, or if Toby will simply continue to think about him all the time.

In panel two it appears that Mary Worth has once again gotten her straw stuck on that little flap of skin that connects her gums to her lips. Ouch.

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shandyowl said...

Toby's statement makes perfect sense if she means that she is always thinking about what a thoroughly unpleasant, pompous, snide buffoon her husband is.

Now that I say that, shouldn't Ian Cameron be married to Mary so that they could spend every waking moment sneering derisively together?

It is my most fervent hope that the "something special" of which Toby speaks is not lingerie. If Toby and Mary go to Agent Provacateur together and Mary decides to get something as a present for Jeff I would prefer to err on the side of caution and gouge my eyes out right now rather than see that. Those short shorts a couple of weeks ago were bad enough.

spike said...

Birthday?!? Oh, boy!!! We'll get to see Ian have a post-midlife crisis! Wheeee!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody other than me sense that this is a set-up for one of the horrible sit-com-type situations where somebody sees somebody shopping and assumes the he is going to receive a gift that goes to someone else? When I read the second panel, that instantly popped into my mind. It would be nice to think that seafood scampi and the concert of "the singers" does not patch up Mary and Jeff's spat.

JLH said...

I'm going to gag, looking at the whole thing in color. Oh, but it's so good! Kind of like eating a durian, I guess.

Nathan said...

I think I speak for everyone here (or at least me, anyway), when I say: Bring back Chin Beard!

Yes, it's been far, far too long since we've seen his smug, self-satisfied grin, or heard his arrogant, snide commentary on the sufferings of others... ever since he's been gone, there's been a void in this comic strip just waiting to be filled! Yes, Ian Cameron must return!

And while I'm at it...Bring back Aldo Kelkrast, too!