Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mary Worth 304

Fortunately, Toby has taken the receiver away from her ear. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily mean she'll hang up. Fortunately, the bank fraud specialist is being helpful. Unfortunately, Toby still doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. Fortunately, Ian is in Chicago so we won't have to listen to his pompous exhortations. Unfortunately, Toby is suddenly acting like Ian. Fortunately, this telephone conversation can't go on any longer. Unfortunately, that's what I thought last Friday.

This post is brought to you by my favorite Remy Charlip book. I hope I'm not the only one who remembers Fortunately, or this post really isn't very interesting.

Today's full strip.


shandyowl said...

Like the sea, Karen Moy is a cruel mistress: teasing and taunting us with the return of Big Ian then leaving us to weep through the agonizing tedium of Toby while Mary handles her paperwork off-stage. And like the sea, her siren call continues to draw us irrevocably back.

We are seeing exactly why Toby and Ian make such a good couple - she is every bit as unpleasant as he is. I know that no employee of the Bank of Santa Royale would ever be so unprofessional but if she continues to be such a bitch, they should just go ahead and let the transaction charges stand. How "unfortunate" that the bank was alert enough to notice and put a stop on the fraudulent charges. Maybe BSR could send her a DVD explaining identity theft and phishing, hosted by Sean Finnery?

It also seems that she has been listening to Gogol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple" and taking it literally.

spike said...

Fortunately Karen Moy intends to draw this heroically didactic episode out for a few more days.
Unfortunately several of you fail to see the need for her to do so.
Fortunately Ms. Moy cares not a whit for your outcries.
Unfortunately many and several of you will continue to whine.
Fortunately there will be some sort of twist to this plot in the near future.
Unfortunately it will probably involve the re-appearance of either Ian or Mary.
Fortunately many of you will view this as a respite to Toby's nattering on the telephone.
QED: It's all in the eye of the beholder. ZAF!

shandyowl said...

spike is there a schism forming between the followers of ZAF! and those who abide by the more traditional teachings of ZAFroastrianism?

A crumbling of unity would indeed be "unfortunate".

spike said...

shandyowl: Yoikes! and Gadzooks!

Schism? What schism? It seems that you are offened by my recent ZAF! outbursts and exits. [Truly, I never intended to make light of or take the name of ZAF! in vain--Meine grosse Schuld! Moja wielka wina! Mea maxima culpa!]

In order to "keep the peace" I shall refrain from doing so henceforth.

shandyowl said...

spike no offence taken I can assure you. I am merely concerned that ZAF! and ZAF are not being granted equal media exposure.

As you know I find ZAF! a bit too racy for my conservative, middle aged, beige lifestyle and therefore identify more closely with the more restrained ZAF but there is clearly room for both.

spike said...

shandyowl: The answer is simple: Merely hire a well-placed lobbyist/advertising agency/publicist to intercede ZAF's cause with the various media outlets. It seems to be all the rage here at the moment!

May I say how "Shocked! Shocked!" I am to discover that you describe yourself as "conservative, middle aged, and beige"(and how can that be, since you toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo recently)--all the more reason to embrace the "too racy" ZAF! lifestyle--since life is, alas, way too short--however, as you seem to favor the more contempletive, restrained ZAF sect, I suggest that you also consider signing off with a "ZAF" as you see fit.

Speaking for myself [and just having completed an "L" of a year] I intend to live my life to the fullest, especially now that I am well past the half-way point of my longest-lived grandparent.

WC Field's Nose said...

The artist has drawn the background the same in two consecutive strips. DRINK!

shandyowl said...

wcfn I do believe you are correct. Well spotted.

I am lost for words. The implications of this do not bear thinking about.

Is that a pot plant or a pot-plant at the end of the couch?

Caroline said...

"Public access to private information has become almost commonplace" - yes, especially when internet neophytes start giving it away to the first person who asks ...

spike said...

caroline: You forget that Mme. Cameron was simply responding to an irgent message!

shandyowl: That pot plant is purely for medicinal purposes only. This is, after all, Mary Worth.

djangosmom said...

It's looking like Toby should learn the words to 'Oh Canada'

djangosmom said...

....and I never thought I would say this but the strip is more interesting with Mary in it. Toby is just plain borrring!