Friday, September 5, 2008

Mary Worth 305

Now that we've wrapped things up on the identity theft story, I have a few ideas for future plot lines:
  • Wilbur applies for a car loan.
  • Brian Good mows his lawn.
  • Dawn Weston studies science.
I think all of these would be even more thrilling than "Toby calls her bank."

Today's full strip (horizontal format).

Edited to add: Dear Reader John just placed odds at on whether or not Mary would appear before next Friday. Click here to place your bet (play money only - Mary wouldn't approve of really gambling!).


shandyowl said...

Now that she has got her own way Toby is sorry for her outburst? Not as sorry as we are for having had to sit through it for the past 6 months.

It was certainly quite a performance - anguished cries of anguish, a hissy fit, sarcasm, turning on the waterworks - somewhat reminiscent of a toddler who is overtired and needs a nap.

Is this how Toby reacts any time she doesn't get her own way? If only the restaurant had got her lunch order wrong we could have witnessed Toby drumming her hands and feet on the floor and screaming.

Fortunately her extensive isometric exercises during the telephone conversation seem to have had a calming effect on her.

Tina said...

But none of those plots deal with serious social issues with serious social implications, unlike our current storyline. I have enough faith that if Karen Moy were to use one of those plots that there would be some educational value, i.e. the ethics of buying a gas-guzzling vehicle, lawn pesticides and neighborhood children, or common disasters when science projects are haphazardly attempted in a home kitchen.

I'd like to think that the plots consisting of nothing but fluff, gossip, and drama should be left to Apartment 3-G.

pandagrandma said...

I have to hand it to the Bank of Santa Royale customer service rep for being patient with Toby even through her "outbursts". I thought we were going to need an exorcist for a while there!

However, what the bank rep failed to do before hanging up was to counsel Toby on what other steps she should be taking at this point -- like getting copies of her credit reports ASAP.

So they're not going to hold her liable for the $18,000. OK. Well, what about all the other new credit card accounts which have probably been opened in Toby's name by now? Her account address has already been changed. What about the loan for the new Lamborghini? The new cell phone account?

I'm afraid we've got a long ways to go on this, kids. And of course there is the lengthy story of where/how the theft occurred. (Sounds like about the right time for Ms. Meddler to arrive on the scene.)

And then there's the wrath of Ian.....

Good Lord, tune in around Christmas 2010 for an update.

Headmistress Mary said...

That first panel, when viewed as originally intended, makes you wonder why anyone would originally intend it to look that way in the first place.

It's like Waxwork Toby toppled over backwards onto the couch. Or perhaps she's taking that Charterstone Finishing School for Pampered Dumb Blondes advice to 'never slouch' a bit too seriously? Or were her vertebrae fused together? No, the story behind that might actually be interesting.

Anyway, I dare anyone to post a picture of themselves trying to keep that first panel pose for fifteen seconds in real life.

caroline said...

This conversation has gone on for so long night has fallen...