Monday, September 1, 2008

Palm Beach Loves Some Mary Worth

Josh Furhlinger (Comics Curmudgeon), Karen Moy (Writer of Mary Worth) and I were all interviewed by the Palm Beach Post for this morning's story about Mary Worth. I thought you'd be interested.


Charlie said...

Great article Wanders!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Wanders.

And happy Labor Day to all Mary Worth and Me readers. As part of our Labor Day festivities, my daughter and I made made Mary Worth Mii characters for our Wii. Mary was a collaborative effort, but we both fought over who would get to make Chinbeard. I won - but allowed her the privelege of placing the beard. Family time just doesn't get any better than that!

boojum said...

Hey, wanders!

Great story in the PB Post. Don't TELL me you got to meet Karen Moy, though! I'm sure the interviews were all done over the phone or innernets, but I've spent a happy moment or two today imagining you, Josh and Miss Moy locked in a tiny, tiny hotel room, huddled around a mini-cassette recorder.

In honor of the epic-ness of the current story line, I think we need another song on the jukebox. My vote: that Brenda Lee classic, "I'm Sorry." It seems to capture perfectly Toeby's non-specific wangst --

I'm sorry, so sorry
That I was such a fool...

You tell me mistakes
Are part of being young
But that don't right
The wrong that's been done...

Ethel Mertz said...

Boojum---I thought it was a Connie Frances song (my bad), but, then again, aren't they both a variation on a theme? The cowing, slavering, self-loathing lyrics spell "Toby," no matter who sings it.

And Wanders, that was a top-notch article!

Wanders said...

I'm Sorry and Who's Sorry Now have both been added! Great suggestions for this month's story line.

Anonymous said...

Great article - you give a good interview.

Ms. Moy seems to coyly imply that this storyline could possibly end with a wimper sometime this very month! Considering it is going to take about two weeks to conclude the current phone call, and another week of pacing for Toby to find her way back to the couch that doesn't seem to leave much time for the thrilling conclusion, surely?

We are on tenterhooks!