Monday, May 26, 2014

Mary Worth 1820

Of course he's working at night. This job has always sounded as though Tommy would be making hits for the mob, but now I'm certain.

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KitKat said...

The bored Joe Giella continues his "40 different Irises in 40 panels" effort.

Judging by the look on Mary's face in the second panel, she's not planning on forsaking the Bum Boat for Jerry's.

Yahoonski said...

That's a whole lot of gesturing going on to accompany such a feeble exchange. You would think Iris was presenting the fabulous prize being revealed behind Door # 1, which is probably just Wilbur.

Peggy Olson said...

The hallway has some seriously harsh lighting - or mini T-rexs are ready to bite off Iris and Mary's arms.

I love Iris' retro flip hairdo. Wasn't she an extra in last night's Mad Men episode?

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

TimP said...

"He was always a night person anyway!"

Of course, by 'night person' I mean that he wouldn't go to sleep because he was frying his brain on meth, but I'm pretty sure that experience makes you feel pretty much the same thing as pushing a mop and scrubbing filthy toilets for six hours.

They're both things that people just want to keep on doing day after day after day until their bodes break down, right?

meg said...

Further Tales of the Charterstone Mafia...

Tommy's Initiation Begins

Don Jerry:
Young Tom- we are proud to welcome you to the Jerry Family. We have nothing but the greatest respect for the Worth Family, in particular for Don Wilbur. But now that you are a member of the Jerry Family, it must be understood that you will render the utmost loyalty to your new family. Capisce?

Young Tom:
Gosharoony, Don Jerry, I'm just so proud and happy to be here with the Jerry Family, I will never do anything to dishonor you or our family.

Don Jerry:
Calm down. As you know, you have been hired as a favor to Don Wilbur, who once gave me the recipe for the secret sauce we use on our sandwiches. Don Wilbur is a man of honor, but he always expects his favors to be returned. Once our friend Don Giorgio of Milan was in need of some advice, and Wilbur/Wendy told him to buy low and sell high. When Don Wilbur needed help with his daughter, Don Giorgio suggested a trip to Italy and a Mediterranean cruise. The suggestion was, shall we say, highly unsuccessful. Don't expect to see Don Giorgio in Santa Royale anytime soon. Capisce?

Young Tom:
You mean Wilbur made Giorgio an offer he couldn't refuse?

Don Jerry:
We must never speak of Don Giorgio again.

Young Tom:

You may wonder how the position of janitor in this fine establishment came to be vacant at such a propitious time?

What's propitious?

I'll tell you what's propitious. That we have characters named Tom and Jerry who are currently appearing in the Mary Worth strip! If only Wilbur could befriend someone named Ed. And if his daughter could meet Tony Orlando.

Tales to be continued when I have another half-witted idea.

Anonymous said...

Tom and Jerry. Awesome. Tomorrow we get to see Jerry smack Tom-my in the face with a frying pan.