Friday, February 28, 2020

Mary Worth 3298

Jared is a nice guy, but it was the darkest time of your life, Dawn, to discover you were dating a married man. Although... now that I think about it, I definitely hope it IS like old times, and that Jared will be the one to inform Dawn that Hugo is cheating on her.


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Are We About To Recap Within A Recap?".

...Jared Mylo!
Physician assistant!
Volunteer duties, introduce.
Nice. Hit it off. Old times!

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

I'm wondering why Dawn talking about Jared Mylo ends with an exclamation point. Is she as amazed as we are about an insignificant character coming back? Then she adds the second exclamation pint about him working at Northview. Is she shouting at Mary because she thinks she's hard of hearing?

Of course Mary, you're going to introduce yourself. You'll make a special trip from your meddling...I mean volunteer duties at Mountview to Northview to introduce yourself.

Why did Mary have to ask where these two dummies met? Now we have to hear the whole duller than dirt story all over again.

r u ok? said...

Who is to say that Mary doesn't wheel her cart of old books around at more than one hospital?

KitKat said...

Yes, old times two years ago, Dawn. Remember you arguing with Jared when he told you Fletcher’s intentions were less than admirable? Good times indeed.

The Dawn apple hasn’t fallen far from the Weston family tree. Wilbur didn’t breathe a word to Dawn about being scammed by Fabiana and her “cousin,” and Dawn didn’t tell dear old dad about her episode at Medical Practice. Selective amnesia is the Weston family disease.

I wonder who’s heading the coronaviris response team at [insert direction here]View Hospital. Dr. Jeff? Holy moly.

Anonymous said...

KitKat's right. Dawn wasn't all that friendly to Jared last time. Another slip in the continuity.

Can't wait for Mary to start meddling in what appears to be heading toward a Dawn/Hugo/Jared love triangle. Maybe she'll Skype Hugo behind Dawn's back and give him the dish.

-- Scottie McW.

Yahoonski said...

@r u ok?: Your reference to Typhoid Mary's book cart made me realize what a rolling germ festival it must be. Can we look forward to seeing her make her rounds in a pale purple hazmat suit?

meg said...

“wheel her cart of old books around”? Is that what you call it?

lmjb1964 said...

Man, the suspense in this storyline is killing me.

Oh wait, did I say suspense? I meant the inane dialogue and complete boredom are killing me.

KitKat said...

lmjb1964, the rest of us are dying too.

Sandi Ego said...

I, for one, hope Dawn and Jared end up together and become Jardawn and move away. They can have the most boring babies in the world and we'll never hear another word about them.