Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mary Worth 9

It is three a.m. I can't sleep.

How could I?

Through relentless investigative research, I have uncovered a Mary Worth mystery that I find disturbing and important. You will recall that on July 4, 2007, in my Mary Worth 5 post, I wrote about this interesting exchange at the Charterstone Pool Party:

Compare this to a similar exchange on July 7, 2004, again at a Charterstone Pool Party, and featuring Wilbur Weston, Dawn's father:

And at that moment (well, the next day in real time) into Wilbur Weston's life walked Iris Beedie. (I won't tell you how that one ended; let me just say, drugs were involved.)

Note the dates: 07/04/07 & 07/07/04... Note that both events occur at the Charterstone Pool Party. Note the attire - at neither party does anyone wear a bathing suit. Note the snacks (pretzel sticks and round things). There are just too many similarities for this to be coincidental.

Could the residents of Charterstone Condominium be living in some sort of strange circuitous time loop? Could Santa Royale, California, have fallen into some tragic tear in the fabric of time and space? Could this have something to do with the Dharma Initiative?

I fear I may have stumbled onto something dangerous. Something bigger than I can understand, and yet, strive to understand it I must. If you have any answers, please contact me.

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Vicki said...

weeooo, that IS weird, Wanders!!! Yikes!