Saturday, September 22, 2007

In Memorium: Aldo Kelrast

One Year ago today, Aldo Kelrast drove off a cliff to his death after a Charterstone intervention went bad.

In Memorium, I share this YouTube video that I love:

(UPDATE: Shout out to e for reminding me that ironically this is the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 - coincidence? If you've been following my conspiracy theory, you know that I think not.)


Anonymous said...

One lazy Saturday morning, my mother and I were googling, in our Mary Worth obsession, Aldo Kelrast, one of our favorite Mary Worth plots of all time. That is when we came across this blog and truly touching Aldo Kelrast video. We laughed. We cried. We laughed so hard we cried.

Bravo to putting Mary Worth out there as a discussion topic! I look forward to your blog every day now.

Wanders said...

miss em. I'm touched. Thanks!