Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mary Worth 170

Karen Moy, one of the great dramatists of our day, seems to be embarking on a new theatrical endeavour, following up on her vastly popular "My Compulsion to Help Others" monologue. This new scene may prove perfect in a drama class for middle-aged men, such as myself, who yearn to return to the stage. Early dialogue seems promising:

Richie: If you took better care of her, she wouldn't
be here!
Ron: If I took better care of her!? How
can you of all people say that? You have some nerve
saying that!
Richie: I'll say what I want! If you took better care of her,
she wouldn't be here!
Ron: I took very good care of Mom!
Richie: She's dying! You didn't do her any good!
Ron (pointing a finger in Richie's face): I did better than you, Rich! She hardly saw you this past year!

The scene is full of deep character subtext. Why does Richie struggle to accept his mother's natural death? Why is Ron such a mamma's boy? Alas, I fear the author may cut the dialogue short, but doesn't it have tremendous potential?


Richardmtl said...

I'm glad my namesake is the least-scary looking one of the two.. :)

Anonymous said...

"Your opinion? Your opinion? I do not want your opinion. You're as bad as my generals! I'm not happy when I listen to them! Failure! Everywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of today's strip is Mary's expression in the first panel. Somebody's gonna get a whuppin'!

boojum said...

O please, let it go on! After all, Richie hasn't quite accused Ron of killing their mother yet. And Ron hasn't had the chance to bring out his ultimate zinger: "Oh yeah? Well, you... you... weren't as present!!

I smell Daytime Emmy.

Meanwhile, Mary's body language says it all; she's so excited she's gone weak in the knees, and has to hold onto the door frame for support. Kindness may be her religion, but meddling is clearly what causes her to get her freak on.

Anonymous said...

Enough of this "Ma always loved you better!" stuff. Maybe these two old boxers will just mix it up already? Question is: who "accidently" throws the first punch at Mary?

And will Donna expire before the end of the altercation?!?

Anonymous said...

Alas, I fear this witty exchange won't go on... Mary has just GOT to butt in. She's just GOTTA.