Friday, April 25, 2008

Mary Worth 180

No doubt about it, Donna and Rupert Amalfi have raised a couple of idiots. But there are worse parents, which you can read about here.


Anonymous said...

While I continue to admire Ron's constant shifting of the blame onto Rich (ah! I Get it - he regards his job/money as his prime concern and is called "Rich". A subtle and damning social commentary) I find it increasingly hard to sympathise with a man who wears a bright red jumper.

boojum said...


That's quite a link you got there. Is it wrong that the first question I have after reading that news story is: "You can join a gang at the age of four now?!"

Here I've been going blithely along, worrying about pre-registering my toddler for the right nursery school and private boarding schools. Now I have to pick out a GANG, too!?

Frankly, I don't need the pressure.

Of course, the baby in the news story has it easy. He's already a legacy for the Crips AND the Westside Ballers. Tiffany and I will be starting from scratch with little Forsythe.

Wanders said...

boojum, family pedigree is everything.

Anonymous said...

An anagram for 'Donna Amalfi' is "Madonna fail". Is this a clue to Donna's parenting skills?

Should she have brought forth upon this world a savior named Ron, only to undo his righteous life path by bringing selfish, undermining Rich into the world as Ron's suffocating, derailing nemesis?

Only one thing is for certain: I like pie.

Wanders said...

Anon: That's one possible anagram, but the other, more applicable one may simply be "I'm an Aldo fan."