Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mary Worth 184

One word: "Rosebud."


JLH said...

I hope I'll be forgiven for going off-topic a bit -- or two inches off in my newspaper -- but I just have to ask this perspicacious group: what's the deal with the scruffiness of the beleaguered doctor in Rex Morgan in this MRSA story? Aren't we usually supposed to boo and hiss and distrust people who look like that beside the clean-shaven heroes and heroines? Or is it that he is so under pressure that he can't keep himself together and we should therefore pity him? If you also enjoy the tandem soap opera delights of MW and RM,MD, please comment! (Wanders, you may slap my typing fingers with a wet noodle if you disapprove this post, and I'll never ever do it again.)

Anonymous said...

Rich: "Yes! She said that you being a jerk is what is killing her, you jerk!"

Ron: "Why you..." Bam! Kerpow!

Mary: "Stop! Can't you see that this fighting is tearing you apart! Let me tell you about how poor I was when I was young..."

As an aside, jlh I hope you will not think it rude of me to say that while you refer to your post as "off-topic" there are those who might take the view that to even mention an inferior competitor in this hallowed shrine of Our Blessed Mary is tantamount to heresy. Although you do make a good point so perhaps the Inquisition will be merciful.

Wanders said...

We have pretty sophisticated tastes around here jlh, so I don't know that anyone would bother with a comic strip like Rex Morgan. But no harm in asking. No wet noodle lashes for you.

Anonymous said...

The Doctor called their dying mother "grave".

Most uncomforting doctor EVER.

Set 'em right, Mary! Mix it up with that insensitive boor -- meddlin' style!

Wanders said...

Anonymous, excellent point. You may not have discovered the Free Secret Messages I plant in each image, which you can reveal by holding your cursor over the image. This isn't a criticism, but I like to think if you aren't reading the Free Secret Messages, you're missing half the fun of this blog.