Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mary Worth 196

Donna Amalfi is a big faker! This whole hospital visit was just an elaborate ruse to get her boys to stop fighting with each other. Mary Worth must bow to the earth in abject admiration of such manipulation. Donna's doctor even lied to them about the breathing tube - it's just an oxygen mask - permitting her to crack a wry grin as her sons ignorantly fall into line.

It takes quite a cartoonist to make sure his characters look the same from panel to panel. But this morning, Joe Giella nailed it! Here's a picture of Ron this morning:

And here's a picture of Ron on April 27th. I'd say it is pretty close. What skill!

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Anonymous said...

It's not a proper happy ending unless somebody dies, is it?

Curse you Wanders for your Free Secret Message has pre-empted my comment for Mary Worth 197.