Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mary Worth 202

O, Donna, we hardly knew thee. And O, Mary, ye hardly knew Ron, yet you've managed to completely monopolize his time at the funeral. All these other life-long friends and relations who are here, Ron, to show you moral support are simply ignored as you conform to the will of your Puppet Master. And what about Richie? Where is that chump?

As much as I am totally into grieving over Donna Amalfi, as the photos below will attest, I do have this uncomfortable feeling that it is now time for the eulogy, which could take weeks and weeks.

It's time for some serious grieving for Donna Amalfi at the Amalfi Hotel in Chicago.

Mrs. Wanders and I have lost our appetites in our grief. Here we are at Harry Caray's, where I was only able to manage a glass of ice water. Mrs. Wanders had a Pepsi.

After dinner, we saw a revue at Second City, etc. "Campaign Supernova: How Many Democrats Does it Take to Lose an Election?" I expected no amount of music, laughter and mayhem to assuage my grief. However, the show was so funny, and so clever, that yes, even in the midst of my sorrow for a fictional comic strip character, I began to find comfort. I am hopeful that soon this weight will lift.

Don't let my glad expression
Give you the wrong impression.
Really I'm sad.
Oh, sadder than sad.
Well I'm hurt and I want you so bad
Like a clown I appear to be glad ooh yeah

Well there are some sad things known to man
But ain't too much sadder than
The tears of a clown when there's no one around
Oh yeah, baby baby, oh yeah baby baby

- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles


JLH said...

"So take a good look at my face/ You see a smile that looks out of place/ If you look closer, it's easy to trace/The tracks of my tears." Oh yeah, Smokey! And Buddy Guy! Yeah! (Please postdate my reverse order comments!) I jsut put into my library display case for the last two weeks of school some artifacts of the mid-20th century -- in short, some record albums! including Buddy Guy's' 1960's release "A Man and the Blues." The kids were interested....

Wanders said...

Records? Buddy Guy records? Awesome.