Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mary Worth 246

That chart in Dr. Phocomelia's shriveled hand is pretty depressing, just like Jeff's relationship with Mary Worth. The line graph is about to drop down onto those little square thingies, which is never a good sign. What is Jeff going to suggest for Mr. Abner? I'm guessing a day of sailing and dinner for two at the Bum Boat.


Anonymous said...

See? Only a day or two away from Mary's malign influence and Jeff's hair has already regained its colour. I think he looks a little slimmer too, or perhaps that is his fashionable dark suit?

If the Doc wants a second opinion why doesn't he ask the small head growing out of his left shoulder?

"Not repsonding to the standard treatment, eh? Well, his insurance won't cover anything else so just unplug his IV and throw his body in the dumpster."

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid that Jeff is going to suggest Mary Worth be brought in to "cheer up" Mr. Abner! Come on, Jeff - Let her go! If not for your own sake, for Mr. Abner's.

Anonymous said...

Jeff is wearing an anti-matter coat. That thing looks like a black hole sucking all color and matter out of the surrounding area. I think he should wear it into Mary's place and suck all her energy away from her and leave her prostrate on the floor with only her Boat Bum sea food platter memories.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Abner has two daughters who are arguing about how to carefor...wait a minute!

Deja vu all over again!

Anonymous said...

Spike: Yes, the Abner Girls could marry the Amalfi Boys then tour the country with their Feudin' Families wrestling show.