Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mary Worth 323

Ironically, reading this story has robbed me of my identity.

It has also sent shock waves through the worldwide financial markets as millions of Mary Worth readers have refused to participate in e-commerce, sending the global marketplace tumbling to the brink of disaster! Mary Worth we need you now more than ever! Tell us what to do!


Anonymous said...

In panel 2, Toby and Terry look like they are trying out the latest effort by the airlines to turn a profit in an era of spiking fuel prices: zero leg room. I realize that Terry has actually shoved her chair backwards so that she has plenty of room to stand up, give Toby a reassuring hug, then make her escape. But the perspective makes me think of airline seats that rest on the lap of the person behind you.

Maybe Mr. Giella is suggesting an attempt at a Guiness World Record: Most people sitting on each other's lap at 35,000 feet.


Anonymous said...

I, personally, feel torn. Do I take the safe route and never go on the internet again, thereby giving up reading Mary Worth entirely (which doesn't run in my local paper)? Or do I continue to be edified and enlightened by Mary Worth at great personal risk and sacrifice, knowing that at any moment someone is out there to swoop in and scam me without my having seen it coming at all because it is just all so confusing?

Anonymous said...

So true Toby, so true. We can't believe you let yourself be duped either! You have always been so bright, such an intellect -- what does that mean for the rest of us fools?

Anonymous said...

Good golly, Miss Molly! Toby's channelling dead silent film actresses yet again! Go, Toby!

Anonymous said...

Dear Loyal Readers,

I feel your pain. I really do. It may finally be time for me to join my friends Lil Abner and Dondi in comic strip heaven. Please save yourselves.

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks to this months long story line, I now no longer trust anyone online. Does anyone know the number for Compuserve dialup?