Monday, October 12, 2009

Mary Worth 592

Clearly Adrian has been preparing for the worst. Yesterday we discovered that she had removed her ring again.

First, there were all kinds of ironic foreshadows, indicating Jeff's days were numbered. "We have our whole lives together." "If I died tomorrow, I'd be a happy man." "I'm so happy I could step in front of a moving bus!"

Now there's all this indication that we should be worried about his dying, "We should prepare for the worst." "It could go EITHER WAY." Which Moy would normally use to surprise us when he lives. So I really don't know which way this goes - it could go EITHER WAY.

My best bet is that because no vital areas were damaged, he lives (although he was apparently shot in the head given the tourniquet on his skull). But he is permanently crippled and lives the rest of his life in that sling under the watchful care of the Doctors Corey.

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djangosmom said...

I think Scott will wake up and say "Yo Adrian". (ala Rocky)lol.

pamster said...

And then, "These outmoded medical practices saved my life. That arm sling really did the trick!"

birdie said...

I think he'll live.

Sadly, he will have brain swelling from the IV inserted directly into his head, and the damage will be permanent.

Adrian will go ahead with the wedding, although he will be a vegetable. She'll have to dress him every day like a giant doll, but she will be able to use the carpool lane on the freeway, so it's all good.

Toots McGee said...

Oh the slings and tubes of outrageous medical stuff.

Now I now where Mary got the curtains for her apartment. They're hospital surplus, a giant perk of the volunteering game.

Oh those vital areas. I flunked out of medical school because I just couldn't memorize all the vital areas. I'm glad the Corys paid had the proper aptitude for the doctoring game.

Robert said...

I'm guessing we'll see several days of prayers in the hospital chapel (after Mary's bought her latest copy of "Meddling Neighbor" magazine in the gift shop).

Brick said...

"I PREFER TO HOPE FOR THE BEST!" Jeff exclaimed!
This story could be wrapping up after-all! Now we need a boxed quote, like:


and we're free to follow Mary out the door.

hekates said...

So basically you're saying that Det. Scott is doomed to a living hell.

Anonymous said...

Well, I assure you all that Moy does not have the cojones to kill off Scott. He will recover completely and once married to Adrian, live to regret it.

Chester in the chapel said...

Apparently all the doctors at Mountview learned medicine by playing OPERATION in the staff lounge.

Let's all head to the hospital chapel and read old TV guides, er, pray for Scott.

My word verifacation right now says it all: VEDGERS, as in "Scott;s gonna be vedgers for the rest of his life." No offence meant to anyone.

djangosmom said...

Wanders,I have an idea for the Jukebox. How about "The Worst that Could Happen" by The Brooklyn Bridge? What do you think?

Wanders said...

Great suggestion DJ!