Monday, October 26, 2009

Mary Worth 604

Cheer up, dad, I'll be okay. It was me you were concerned about, right? Because I distinctly heard the narrator say you shared my concerns.

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phoebes in santa fe said...

Dr Jeff sorta looks young and sexy in the picture. I love that "tossled hair" thingy. When's he going to wake up and figure out Mary's way too old for him?

Barbara L. Hanson said...

Why are Adrian and Jeff line dancing? (And dosey-doeing in panel 2?)Could they not resist the music piping through the room's hi-fi?

Vicki said...

I thought in panel one Jeff looked a little bit uncomfortable like maybe his hemorrhoids are acting up. A couple of dance moves may be about all he can stand no matter HOW irresistable that hi-fi beat may be!

And WHERE is "I'm right behind you, Jeff" Mary??? She's probably still sitting at the table blabbing on and on with her story. Totally unaware that A. has excused herself to leave!

Imogene said...

Unless Adrian's left arm has recently been amputated at the elbow, it must be under Scott's pillow. Did they break the bed adjustment mechanism and now have to raise and lower his head manually?

I think Mary is still in the cafeteria, sitting down next to unwary strangers. "I was once given The Greatest Gift by a Great Man. Let me tell you the story..."

liz said...

Why can you only read the Sunday strip on Sunday? By the time I get to it on Monday, it's always gone. Not that I ever miss anything...

duckdg said...

A Promise Ring Unpromising

She said, "Rushed love can sting."
He said, "On a dime life can swing."
and settled for
a promise ring unpromising.
A heroin sting, the number 3 wing,
a curious sling, and
the good doctor's forecast discouraging.
Father clings, daughter wrings,
an old lady recalls a bygone fling,
"A good man's love is an offering."
"On a dime life can swing."
"Delayed love can sting."
In all of her life, it was the best thing,
this promise ring unpromising.

duckdg said...

@ liz - you should find Sunday's strip at Seattle Times.

@ Imogene - first, her ring went missing; now it's her entire forearm!

pandagrandma said...

Liz - I don't know either why we can't view the Sunday strip when you click on the drop-down menu dates on the Washington Post site, but you can see it if you click on Wanders' "View today's strip" link in his daily blog. Don't forget, too, that you can always go to to view the 7-day strips.

Otismaximus said...

If a nurse ever does show up in the room the first thing she's gonna ask is "who put this sign up on the wall over the stereo?"

Otismaximus said...

It just dawned on me! No wonder Adrian keeps losing the ring, then its back, then off again etc. Her left arm is a prosthetic. She has no feeling in the hand because it is the newest in technology for artifical hands. She can't tell if the ring is on or off. No wonder she always has that lost look on her face. She is constantly on the look out for the ring that has dropped off her artifical hand and rolled under the table or out into the street.

Wanders said...

@liz: I try to always link to each strip with each post. Click the "today's full strip" link and you'll be taken right to it.

- Wanders

Anonymous said...

That robotic stereo system sure gets a workout.

Have I mentioned the Rolling HiFi in the background is one of my very favorite characters ever introduced in this strip? Mostly because it doesn't talk.

liz said...

Thank you for the helpful hints on reading the Sunday strip. I always checked WaPo and and they won't show you the Sunday strips unless it is Sunday. There seems to be no time on Sunday for me to read the Sunday strips -- all the computers in the house are taken up by the fantasy football players. This Sunday's Mary Worth kind of made me gag though so I probably could have skipped it.

Vicki said...

what an exquisite poem duckdg!! "The promise ring unpromising"--I love it!

Maconmemad: I thought that was a sign at first glance, too, and thought how embarrassed Scott would be if only he knew!

And after all we've been through, I certainly hope the heroin trafficking situation has been slowed down in Santa Royale! What a shame it would be if Colleague's death and Scott's injuries (that missed vital areas but could go either way) were all for naught.

djangosmom said...

looks to me like the Cory's are planning on talking Scott to death!

Anonymous said...

For those wishing to catch the Sunday comics in WaPo on a day other than Sunday, the URL always ends with the date of the strip being shown. Just change the last two digits to the Sunday date (last Sunday's URL should end with 25), and hit enter. That will take you to the Sunday strip. I usually don't read MW&M over the weekend, so on Mondays I'm checking out the Friday-Monday strips, and that usually only requires me to change one number! It's great!


Anonymous said...

Ick! I just read Tuesday's strip. Not only does Adrian touch Scott's face and her own, but she's promised to help Scott get through this, all because Meddlin' Mary and her nonsense story of love lost but later appreciated got A to go talk to the comatose but aware boyfriend/finacee/bellywarmer. We have weeks of further meaningfully banal small talk with the man who looks dead but hears before his eyelids will flutter hesitantly open, and then an unceasing stream of the other half of the conversation will flow forth from Scott's mouth. After that, we'll have some sort of whirlwind (for MW) rush through the engagement (I'm sure all the beautiful nondenominational gothic cathedrals in Santa Royale are booked for months in advance) and the wedding, with Jeff and Mary moronically chit-chatting at the next Charterstone pool party about love conquering all.

Actually, I'm wrong about that last part--Mary will be lecturing moronically; Jeff will be nodding stupidly like a puppy dog (sorry, Chester--no offense intended) and saying interesting things, like, "You're so wise, Mary. Thank you for pulling Adrian through this tough time so that she could pull Scott through his tough time. Please...stay."